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MISSOURI SOUTHEAST - ILLINOIS SOUTH - ILLINOIS CENTRAL. I need you to find another cab company in Carbondale. 9-1-1: CHAPTER: This section governs the operations of passenger carriages hired but not used on a permanent line.

9-1-1: CHAPTER: This section governs the operations of passenger carriages hired but not used on a permanent line. BIZINESS LOCATION: The site from which a taxi company gets taxi call from sends taxis, fixes taxis or stocks or park taxis. TOWN: The city of Carbondale.

KLERK: The City Cluster of the City of Carbondale, Illinois. Drivers: The drivers of taxi or TNC vehicles. Licence: A taxi or TNC driving licence granted by the town registrar entitling the holder to drive a car for the general use of the town. Luxurious, chauffeured car used in the city to transport travellers at a price not dictated by the mileage.

Managers of the City of Carbondale, Illinois. Taxist rank: Any area frequently used by individuals who provide taxi service to request or await fare, or by individuals who wish to use taxi service. AXICAB: This term means any car registered under this heading to transport guests for rent and to display prominent numbers assigned by the State of Illinois.

TAXI SERVICES: Running cars for the carriage of hired persons who do not travel on a regular line. CONTROL METER: Any mechanic, electrical or electronical apparatus mounted in a private car that computes and displays tariffs, tracks travelled and expired times, and displays other fees that may be due.

TRANSPORT NETWORK COMPANIES (TNC): Transport network operator: Any individual who operates a car and offers journeys from one place to another for a surcharge. A licence is not granted or remains in force unless the claimant provides the City Secretary with a copy of the individual car coverage policies which in accordance with the 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/8-101 et sqq.

Every automobile's health and safety cover must contain a detailed descriptive document of each automobile, including the name and number of the producer and the registration number of the State. Licencee shall request the insurer to send a copy of the assurance document directly to the town clerk. Licencee shall promptly notify City Recorder in written form of any changes to its policies or renewals and provide a copy of such changes or renewals.

NAME OF THE TAXIS OR COMPANY CAR OF THE TRANSPORT NETWORK: DRIVING CLICK SHALL REQUIRED: A: Licence required: Nobody may drive a taxi or TNC car that requires a permit to drive within the city boundaries unless that individual has a valid driving licence from the city. LICENCE APPLICATION: A.

Applications for driving licences must be submitted to the city clerk on the form provided by the city. 2. an examination by the claimant as to whether he has sufficient and lawful vision to be able to safely drive a motorised vehicle and is not exposed to a physical or mental defect which could make him unsuitable for the safety of a taxi or TNC motorised vehicle. 2. an examination by the claimant as to whether he has sufficient and lawfully admissible vision to be able to safely drive a motorised vehicle and is not exposed to a physical or mental defect which could make him unsuitable for the safety of a taxi or TNC motorised vehicle. 2. a check by the claimant as to whether he has sufficient and lawful vision to be able to drive a motorised vehicle securely and securely and not to be exposed to a physical or mental defect which could make him unsuitable for the safety of a taxi or TNC motorised vehicle.

Explanation of any event in which the applicant's licence has been suspended or withdrawn and the grounds for such suspension or withdrawal. Further information that the city clerk can request. A request for a driving licence which does not contain the necessary information nor the necessary charges and expenses may be rejected by the town clerk.

Town clerk has the right to carry out an examination to determine the correctness of the bid as well as the nature, suitability and qualification of the bidder. Results of the examination are to be presented to the city director for examination. Applicants shall be liable for full payments of all necessary examination expenses, as well as those of the underground examination, and shall bear such expenses in full and in full at the moment of submission of the request to the town clerk.

Where it is found that the cost of the background check exceeds the fee payable by the person concerned, it shall be fully payable to the town clerk before the driving licence is issued. Applicants must submit their applications to the city clerk within ten (10) working days of any changes to the information contained in the applications, to include notification of all sentences for road offences.

ISSUING OF DRIVING LICE: A. Content of the license: After examining the request and the applicant's qualification and paying all charges and expenses, the city clerk may grant the person concerned a driving licence. This licence must include the year for which the licence is in force, a photo of the person submitting the licence request, the name of the person submitting the licence request, the number of the licence and any other information that the town clerk considers necessary.

B. Licence indicated; exclusive use: The licence shall at all moments be visibly affixed to a position on the front dashboard or windscreen of the instrument panel of the instrument panel which is clearly visible to the occupants of the instrument panel throughout the service life of the instrument panel. Neither licenser may lend or authorize the use of its licence by any other individual.

REFUSAL OF DRIVER'S LICENCE: A. The City Secretary shall reject an order for the issue of a driving licence if the person concerned has either been sentenced, found innocent by a judicial authority, detained, on probation or under any other non-hostile authority resulting from a judgment, order or order of a judicial authority:

5/2-8 and as subsequently modified; a penal sentence for a crimes of morality that have been perpetrated in the last five (5) years; any crimes that involve the illicit selling or possessing of a controlled substance; the instigation of a minor; penal sex offenses; or a penal sentence for a crimes that involve operating a car under the impact of the use of alcoholic beverages.

When the clerk of the court finds that this individual now justifies his or her confidence, a licence can be made out. The City Secretary may reject an applicant for a licence if it is founded on one of the following grounds: ruthless conduct, an offence resulting from the use of a car under the control of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, or if it violates the 625 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/7-601 (compulsory insurance) or a similar locally enacted regulation two (2) or more in the last five (5) years; 4.

SUSPENDED OR REVOKED DRIVING LICENCE: A. City Recorder may discontinue or withdraw a licence granted under this section if the licensee: 3. provides incorrect or inaccurate information concerning his licence request. A town clerk shall withdraw a licence granted under this section if the licence holder is found either condemned, by a tribunal of a tribunal, detained, on probation or under any other non-deposited authority arising out of a condemnation, establishment or establishment of debt by a tribunal of a tribunal:

It has been established that a car licensed as a taxi or TNC car is operated without having adequate health cover. C: Suspension of the licence: City Recorder may temporarily revoke a driving licence in accordance with Sections 9-1-24B of this section. Any prices and fees for taxi or TNC services in the City of Carbondale must be equitable, proportionate and competitive. 4.

Each licensee shall make available to the City Recorder, at the date of filing or upon renewing the licence, a hard copy of the calculated rate, which shall include, but is not restricted to, per capita or per diem charges, zonal charges, taxameter charges, flags, mileages, per -hour charges and charges for the carriage and handling of baggage, carry-on baggage and packages.

Seller shall be informed in written form ten (10) business days before any changes in exchange rates take effect. These receipts must be in readable, written or electronic form and must include the date and amount of the ticket price purchased, the commercial name of the taxi or TNC and the name and registration number of the chauffeur.

A taxi or TNC car may not be used within the city boundaries unless all points on a Chilton's Safety Inspection checklist have been passed, as this document may be amended from period to period by the City Garage Supervisor. Every taxi or TNC must be kept in a cleaner, cleaner operating state and the passenger compartment must be free of debris or matter, the window must be free of fissures and fissures and kept cleaner, and the upholstery must be free of debris or other debris that may contaminate clothes and free of fissures, fissures or losses of upholstery.

Each taxi or TNC must be inspected, as often as necessary, by a skilled ASE-certified technician working in an approved municipal automobile company to verify adherence to the requirements of this section. Approval shall be granted only after all vessels to be operated by the licence holder have been inspected and a security certification obtained from an authorised test centre approved by the State or by an authorised technician.

When a taxi or TNC car is in the midst of an incident, the Chief of Police may, at his own option, require the car to be inspected after the incident. This inspection shall be at the cost of the owners or operators of the vehicles. Copies of all these security certifications must be submitted to the town clerk.

SMOKE IN TAXIS OR COMPANY CARS OF THE TRANSPORT NETWORK: THE USE OF CARS FOR CRIMES; ALCOHOL; NARCOTICS: I. No individual may deliberately allow a taxi or TNC to be used to commit a criminal offence. B. No taxi or TNC car drivers on or in the roads and paths of the city may have alcohol in their possession or in or around the driver's cab of the car.

With the exception of the provisions of Subpart A of this Section, a licence may not be terminated or withdrawn before the taking of evidence provided for in this Section. Evidence taking will be conducted by the city manager. It is the City Administrator's right to summon and deputise a witness, to decide on an objection and to take evidence efficiently.

It is the responsibility of the City Administrator to use the assistance of an accredited judicial correspondent for the taking of proof. Original expenses and expenses of the clerk shall be borne by the city. It is the city's responsibility to prove the accusations brought against the licence holder by outweighing the amount of proof.

Once the city has submitted its proof, the license holder may submit proof in his defence. Once the licence holder has submitted any proof, the city has the right to submit any contrary-proof. Taking of the evidence is done informally and there are no rigorous standards for taking it. Upon completion of the taking of evidences, the City Administrator shall prepare a statement and a commendation to the City Council.

It shall contain a statement of reasons for the submitted supporting documents, factual statements and legal conclusions. Partial or total measures of acceptance, rejection or acceptance of the City Council's reports and recommendations shall be taken by the City Council during a formal or extraordinary session. Both the City and the licence holder may object to the City Administrator's reports and recommendations.

No new or further proof of the indictments will be presented to the City Council. Following examination of the reports and recommendations and any possible observations, the City Council, acting by ordinary popular accord, shall decide, refuse or approve part or all of the reports and recommendations of the City Administrator.

In the event that the City Council finds that the charge against the licence holder has been proved by a predominance of proof, the City Council may suspended or revoked the licence pursuant to this section. All actions of the City Council shall be deemed definitive for the purpose of appointment and shall be governed by the Appeals Procedure under the Administrative Review Act of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

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