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The Jet Kiss consists of two decommissioned naval aircraft. Jet Li, Bridget Fonda, Tchéky Karyo, Max Ryan. Kiss's Paul Stanley | Business Jet Traveler Having shipped million of discs in the 1970' s and achieved world renown with Kiss, he was still "on a quest to find happiness". Stanley is known as the co-founder, leader vocalist and beatitarist of Kiss, the 45-year-old 45 year-old pop group that has gathered 30 golden discs and claimed to have shipped more than 100 million copies.

He' s made kiss shits like Love Gun, God of Thunder, Black Diamond and Rock and Roll All Nite. "The group - known for their lavish outfits and face make-up - was accepted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Designing Kiss albums cover, stage and clothing, designing the legendary Kiss emblem and accompanying the Group' s transition to a global trademark with more than 2,000 franchisees.

In addition to Gene Simmon - the only other founding member of Kiss to appear with the group - he is a Rock & Brews Restaurant associate, a US based retail network of about 20 franchises that aims to have at least 50 within the next five years. Face the Musik, his 2014 autobiography:

When it' s just me and my girlfriend or just a few folks, there's no reason to go too nuts when it's a few hour ride; each of the Citation IIs or the variations that followed are fantastic. If I need a plane, I can certainly buy at the best rate per journey, but I have had great deal of experience with Cirrus Aviation from Las Vegas.

You said that when you saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, you saw that you were a skirt performer as your entrance card to become known. Have you seen glory as a way to hide your sorrow at not having fitted in? It was seen both as a cure for my grief and as a place where they would wish they had been kind to me.

What started the kiss? Gene Simmons and I were in the Wicked Lester group ( which developed into Kiss) and actually had a recording contract. Early Kissigs, I recall, where I could have work for two or three night, 18 dollars or so. Because we wanted to be the kind of guys that we've never seen before - a guys that were 100 per cent enthusiastic about the audience.

To hide who you really are, you used to call the make-up you wore in Kiss a defensive device. When you want to put your head above the person around you, use high heels. We had a bunch of weird dynamic between the bandmembers. It' s fantastic, but part of it is about getting away from those with whom you can't find anything in common. What you have to do is get away from them.

So if you are looking for your group to be your own and your own kind of household, you are better off going out and getting someone to get married. and in your notebook, you say it's you. So what was Kiss trying to achieve in music? What is it like when the home lighting goes out and your act shows up in front of a thousand different faces?

Can' t really expect it because they expect something when they've seen us before or when they haven't, they've listened to this myth of what this tape is and I know we'll outdo everything they expect. You' ve contributed to making Kiss a global name. And then we make sure that the products are a good mirror image of us and don't disparage what we do or offend the guys who make us who we are.

So what did it mean for you to be accepted into the Hall of Fame? In the past we have been scorned by the Hall of Fame and we have been entitled for 17 years. The committal was about time. In your gigs you take the oath of allegiance to the audience - very uncommon for a live show.

This does not mean that you always approve of those responsible, but we should be proud of the founding fathers' fundamental principles and ideas. Hesitating to get too deeply into the world of politics, I don't anticipate too much of a politician's penetration into the world of soundtrack. What made you and your associates found Rock & Brews?

It was the intention (with Rock & Brews) to have a top class dining room that was theme comfortably and animal and child oriented. You said that Rock & Brews supports the Wounded Warriors Project and community education programmes. With each opening, the first humans through the door are veterinarians to whom we give our lunches.

It is a way to thank them quickly and use press reporting to focus on organisations that help get these back into the community and try to do for them what the governments are not doing. Liberty is free only for those who do not owe the prize, and the persons who do and make it possible owe so much on their comeback.

We are committed to the army and first responder and ensure that we are supporting community organisations. Primary when I was probably the best performer. At secondary modern college the pool got larger and suddenly I was one of two or three gifted people.

So I went to the High School of Musik & Arts in New York, where you had to test to get in, and I got into the arts, although when I got there I saw that I wasn't up there or nearby. Once again it confirmed to me that I wanted to make musical instead.

And I wanted to make sure everyone realized that you see me as your source of inspired thought and have this shiny picture of excellence, but it's not real. Why did you start this group? I' ve always been permeated with Soul music. Motown, Paulie Toulouse. From Smokey[ Robinson ] to Stevie Wonder to Whitney Houston - we all really enjoy this kind of soundtrack.

Kiss, how often does he perform? Much has to do with whether my kids are in college and they can come. Does Kiss plan on making an album? Every time humans experience us alive, they want to listen to classic songs. In this new age, when CD's are less important and most of your supporters stream or download single songs, how have things for Kiss been changing?

There was no place where you could either take what is on offer in the form of a charge for your own musical performance or someone would take it for free. How do you feel about today's state of the art in rocking up? There is too much of it facialless and replaceable; between that and auto-tuning and mechanic beat there is a loosing of what made all the great stuff that came before so great.

postion: leader vocalist, rythm guitar player and song writer of the Kiss group, which he co-founded in 1973. In addition, he creates guitar and color design and is a member of the Rock & Brews restaurant chain. Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, New York City Kinder Colin (11), Sarah (9) et Emily (6).

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