Aircraft for Sale near me

Airplanes for sale near me

Piston Single offers buyers the opportunity to search specifically for piston single aircraft. Individual piston listings include year, make and model, and many have photos of aircraft for sale. Please click here to see our collection of turbine aircraft Please click here to see our collection of piston aircraft. Actual time of the aircraft transfer occurs when the purchase document is signed. The broker assured me that the operating costs were low.

The Diamond Finance

When you are considering purchasing an aircraft or choosing the one that is best for you, we are here to help you make the right decision. The Diamond Fund provides affordable prices, fast and effective services and realism. Diamond Certified also finances Pre-owned and can even pre-approve you so that you are willing to get involved if the right aircraft is available.

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Possessing a private plane means having complete command of your journey, your company and your world. Developed to be a funny, secure and reactive coach with enough functionality to offer off-road riding comforts, the Harmony is built to maximize the full range of capabilities possible under US LSA regulations.

Harmony's premier quality fiberglass panel is the TL-6524 TL-6524 7 " EFIS Integra system; a multi-functional airborne surveillance system that integrates all major airborne instrumentation (e.g. artificial horizon, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, air speed indicator, compass, accelerometer, chronometer, turn signals, indicators, angle indicators, attack indicators, IAT, OAT, etc.). Featuring 3D elevation visualisation of the site, an on-board auto-pilot, and can be set up to display instant speech alerts in your earphones, this stunning system is a great way to get the most out of your time.

Compatible with Garmin's GPSMAP 696, the Garmin GPSMAP 696 is the latest addition to the Garmin range of handheld hand-held aircraft navigation systems. These harmonies are enhanced with a Ballistic Recovery System, an entire aircraft slide that carries you and your beloved ones softly to the floor in an emergencies situation. Evektor's predecessor, the Evektor Harmonic, is more streamlined and has a more roomy dashboard.

Harmony has low rear seating that offers full comfort, good accessibility to the spacious rear boot, superb rear view and the simplest boarding point for our aircraft. Harmony features a fully enhanced premier inner life, complete with drink holder, chartsnack tray, centre armrest, elongated sidewalls, updated carpet and lacquered porch for solar shading.

Today this Harmony would be over $140,000.00 new. These low temporal levels, smoothly deployed, expertly serviced and in show readiness conditions, advanced aircraft can be yours in good season for just $117,000.00. Evektor's Florida Demonstration Harmony, Our SportStar MAX is no longer available. SportStar MAX is a different type from the Harmony.

For more information on the SportStar MAX range click here.

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