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The SriLankan Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Sri Lanka. Flights to Sri Lanka are suitable for all holiday plans. Choose your travel dates and compare our flight offers with Sri Lanka.

Mean pricing span up to Colombo.

Like many of the region's vast metropolitan areas, today Columbo is a collection of its many contradictory parts: historical places of worship against contemporary high-rises, a proliferation of ethnic groups side by side, and vast stretches of greenery encircled by the damp of strong transport. In Sri Lanka's capitol, past and present coexist side by side by the sea.

Though the first visit may be overpowered by the crowds, transport and activities that fill the Colombo street, over the years the city's attractions begin to attract new arrivals to the town. There is much to see, but many tourists decide to begin with the breathtaking Colombo Tempels.

Among these, the colourful Gangaramaya Temple is popular with tourists because of its unbelievable Buddhist sculptures and museums. The past of Colombos is shown in places such as the Colombos National Gallery, the Natural History and Dutch Museums, while modern and Sri Lankan arts welcome to the National Gallery.

It is certainly a big city, but there are plenty of possibilities to get away from the city and choose a more naturally secluded place. There are two monsun periods that prevent travellers from attending from May to August and from October to December. Generally, the best period to go to Colombo is between January and March, when precipitation is at its low and high.

Travellers looking for a journey full of festival should consider defying the months of the monsoons and travelling in May to celebrate Buddha's birthday, when Columbo is shrouded in lamps, light and other decoration. Columbo's roads are full of three-wheeled cars known as Tuk-Tuk, and these motorised rental cars can be a comfortable way to explore the town.

Instead of trying to agree a tariff with the rider, or even better, to look for a dedicated, tourist-friendly pool of tuk-tuks run by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, travellers should choose to buy a measured amount of tuk-tuks.

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