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The plane jet

Since there are no propellers, the jet-powered aircraft is minus two assets: The Jay Jay Jay jet plane The JAY JAY is an energy and fun six-year-old jet whose curious natures take him on thrilling quests with his airplane lovers at Tarrytown Airport. Suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years. Using imagination, adventure, humour, music and 3D motion, Jay Jay the Jet Planet brings Tarrytown and the joy of discovering as a child to Life.

Through the experience and identification with the adventure of Jay Jay and his family, kids can attend schools with an initiation to natural sciences and wildlife, as well as precious living skills such as fostering, sharing and evaluating relationships.

It'?s the airplane that turned the tide.

On Tuesday, a page in aeronautical histories concludes as United says goodbye to the Boeing 747, the jet fighter that has made flight more accessible to tens of thousands of people around the planet. One of the most famous aircraft in the whole wide range. However, after United and other carriers have flown the four-engined, fuel-guzzling aircraft for years, they are withdrawing from the Queen of the Skies and prefer slimmer, less expensive aircraft.

As an indication of how efficiently today's aircraft have become, Southwest Airlines last months heralded that it will provide services to Hawaii, and new single-aisle Boeing 737s are likely to do the work. By January, Delta Air Lines will be decommissioning its Boeing 747 aircraft, making it the last US carrier to do so. However, the aircraft will continue to function as a freighter for workhorses piloted by UPS and others.

Here is a look at the Boeing 747 and how it has transformed the global market since its launch nearly five years ago: Last year Joe Sutter, who passed away, headed the engineers designating the Boeing 747 in the mid-1960s. 50,000 people were needed to make the airplane come alive. According to Boeing, it took 29 month from "conception to rollout", which gave the squad the nickname of " The Incredibles".

" At the bottom is a 1968 model of the jetliner. It was more than 231 ft long and its tails were higher than a six-story one. The orders from airline companies, such as PanAm and TWA, were received quickly. Airline companies were anxious to buy a glamorous aircraft and to fill the big ones with thousand of members of the new jet series.

Down, tail of an airplane 1970. The model shows a Boeing 747 model that would make any bus classic driver sloppy. As early as the seventies, aviation was a luxurious business, and servicing on board the 747 in its early beginnings was expensive in comparison to the no-full eras of today's aviation.

Once Frank Sinatra Jr. appeared in an American Airlines 747 lounging room (with piano) on a red-eye ride from Los Angeles to New York, an effort to attract more travelers. Aeroplanes could accommodate about 500 persons, and later airline companies were freed from the large top decks and concentrated on integrating as many as possible into the aircraft, making travelling more accessible but less comfy.

The NASA used Boeing 747 from 1974 altered for operations, ranging from the investigation of large airplanes' turbulences to the more prestigious task of transporting shuttle ships like Columbia. The Boeing 747 is kept afloat by cargo, even if the airline companies turn their backs on the plane. There are two Boeing 747-200Bs in the Airbus A380 family.

This year Delta is also withdrawing from the Boeing 747 aircraft to replace its jet aircraft with the twin-engine Airbus A350. British-owned Airways recently said it would be closing its 747 aircraft by 2024. Humans are still staring at the "Queen", as the airplane is less and less seen at the airport, often stopping to have a look at the "Queen of Heaven".

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