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long-haul cabin

One, what kind of range are we talking about for long distances? One long-distance driver to the next There are three collegiate buddies around the globe in a London Black Cab they called Hannah. It' not the first case that someone takes a taxi at a suddenly unsuitable distance. There are three collegiate buddies around the globe in a London Black Cab they called Hannah. As they tried to make a U-turn on Flatbush Ave, they were asked in Brooklyn by a policeman: "Where are you going?

", to which they replied: "Around the world".

" It' s an epidemic trip to be sure, and one that stimulates the fantasy - the counter has been ticking all the way up to $109,954 starting Monday. However, this is not the first occasion that someone has taken a taxi to cover a surprise wireless distance. Indeed, the current Rekord for such a tour was a 21,691 mile taxi trip from London to Cape Town, South Africa and back.

Recently, however, there was a taxi ride from La Guardia Airport to Los Angeles - and back to New York. For $5,000, John Belitsky and his boyfriend Dan Wuebben persuaded taxi operator Mohammad Alam to take them to L.A. for the 2,800-mile voyage. Boy, we were wondering, do these boys have any suggestions for the rookies on the long-distance trucker crease?

I talked to John Belitsky who organized the journey back in April last year to find out. What made you aware of the taxi ride around the globe? Well, I had a really good run on our journey. Our journey was financed with my bag. We had the taxi driver in our case and the thing that was great was that you only had to cover a limited distance and we made it ridiculous by taking it beyond where it was going.

Coming to Iowa, you're in a petrol pump, and there' s a lot of photo taking of you and saying, "I've never seen a taxi before. We drove down the street and Dan found out that the motion picture was 20 min away from us, so we registered.

Take the street, take the liberty. Remind you that you wish you were still on the street? Dan and I were in London after the journey to L.A. and saw this taxi operator Paul, we tried to persuade him to take us to South Africa. Did anything come out of the journey regarding things you got or weird things you have to do?

more of a tale than a journey! and talked about trying something. What makes you think something like this is so popular with humans? In the past, humans went out and discovered things, discovered the new realm. You informed Archer and his buddies on Twitter about a possible date; have they contacted you?

Humans had done similar things, but I think everyone before us did it for a certain purpose. A few folks took a cab from the Upper East Side to Arizona, but they did because they had to take their cats there. There are no tales of folks who just wanted to get a taxi driver to take them as far as possible without a destination.

There was really risk on the street with Alam in certain places, he was so sleepy, and we were like, dude, you can't go back alone. Our media coverage was at Ford (we were riding a Ford Escape), and they took us on a Detroit plant trip - but we made it a requirement that they flew us back to New York and drove the back seat, and they did.

Photographs with kind permission of John Belitsky.

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