Largest Private Plane

Biggest private plane

Enter the world's only private Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Southwest Airlines looks like the private Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet is the largest and most luxury private plane in the whole wide range - and now the owners have opened their door for the Dubai Air Show. Imagine a videotour through the giant airplane known as a "flying penthouse", featuring an entertaining and studying area, special eating areas, an en-suite main room with a 42-inch TV, a cloakroom and a giant hotelstyle bath with showers.

It is a converted Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a passenger airliner with 240 to 335 seats. However, this was turned into a 40-person private plane and is so well fitted out that it looks like a floating motel. It' s a $300 million plane, but it can be publicly charters - though not inexpensive.

You can charter the plane for about 25,000 dollars per hours. For the fortunate few who are fortunate enough to be able to board, the on-board adventure is far away from what is on offer on a Boeing trip. Inside, which was co-developed by Pierrejean Designs, a specialist in yachting and aeroplane designs, high dome roofs, parquet flooring, sculpted parquet doorways and handmade rugs were used.

There is a main room with a concealed TV for those who really want to relax. There are 18 full low seating areas for the other passengers, such as those found in many business class staterooms, at the back of the aircraft, together with six Premium Economy seating areas.

Big staterooms that are unusually decorated.

Bombardier recently presented a prestigious new airplane - the largest purpose-built commercial airliner in the world, to be precise - that provides the world' s largest airline passenger with the promise of the Ultimate V. I. P. F. A. L. Featuring four unspoilt suite rooms and a quiet zone for flight crews, this ultra-long-haul plane allows everyone on board to take advantage of a new level of comfort in the world of deluxe aviation.

Bombardier Global 7000 can comfortably accommodate up to 19 people. No matter whether you're bringing corporate staff to a meeting across the nation or just preparing an memorable holiday for the whole familiy, this aircraft is the perfect choice because of its unmatched performance and extraordinary styling. The Bombardier 7000 offers a trouble-free journey through the sky from take-off to descent.

Stylish, comfortable and powerful, they unite to deliver an incredible flying sensation that will exclude travelers from commercially available aircraft for the rest of their lives! As the Bombardier Global 7000 is the largest of its kind in the globe, it is no wonder that it is equipped with four roomy suite rooms that give travellers the feeling of being in a world-class inns.

Club Suite offers a light, breezy and enjoyable working or playing environment with extremely comfy seating and large additional window areas, while Conference Suite offers seating for six persons in a dinning room designed to provide a superior overall group eating environment. It is also prepared for relaxation, with a cab entertaining system that almost makes you wish that your whole holiday was here in the Global 7000.

Travellers who want to find out about shows or sporting events during the trip can go directly to the Entertainment Suite, where they can easily broadcast high-definition video on the big screens. It has the industry's highest in-flight connection to the web, making the TV watching process clear, fluid and absolutely comfortable.

Get a good night's rest. It' s simple to lose sight of the Master Suite of the Bombardier Global 7000, with its luxury and high class facilities creating a relaxing shrine in theouds. There is also an adjacent en suite with a genuine standing wash. The best thing about it is that the aircraft can be adapted to your wishes.

Offering an infinite range of decoration, furnishings and design possibilities, the passenger can expand their home or workplace in the skies. It' s not always a pleasurable flight adventure, but it certainly is in this ultra-luxurious plane that is equipped with excellent characteristics, such as the latest fly-by-wire really cutting-edge technologies.

Featuring all these stunning features combined with unbelievable aesthetic appeal and even a side-facing folding seating position, the Bombardier Global 7000 provides maximum passenger convenience and operational efficiencies throughout the entire air. Commended for its top-of-the-line design, cruising speeds, cruising ranges, power in the fields and an incredibly soft drive. Accompanied by improved engine power management, this is truly the private aircraft of your dream.

In spite of its impressive dimensions, the Bombardier Global 7000's power can compete with that of many smaller aircraft. Each detail is meticulously and magnificently selected to improve the full flying enjoyment of each and every occupant. Pretty soon aviation will be an adventure to look forward to every year. Bombardier Global 7000 orders are scheduled for delivery in 2018, but are already in strong demand due to sell-out until 2021.

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