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The Flight Options Llc.

Air options, Richmond Heights, OH. In an interview with sister magazine Aviation International News, Ricci said Flexjet LLC will operate separately from Flight Options. Receive instructions, ratings, and information for Flight Options LLC in Cleveland, OH.

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As the second biggest privately held airline in the United States, Flight Options, LLC offers more than 1,300 airline shareholders and customers a comprehensive range of Flight Options, Flight Options, Membership Program and Flight Cards. More than 100 planes make up our global network, among them the Nextant 400XT®, Embraer Phenom 300®, Citation X, Challenger 300® and Embraer Legacy 600®, which serve customers in most of the northern....

The Flexjet is divested to the parent company of Flight Options.

The Directional Aviation Capital (DAC) - the corporation led by Kenn Ricci, which includes Flight Options, Sentient Jet, Nextant Aerospace and Constant Aviation - today released the announcement that it will acquire Bombardier's Flexjet for $185 million. Pierre Beaudoin, Chairman and CEO of Bombardier, said the divestment to DAC "marks the next stage in the development of Flexjet...[and] will allowombardier to concentrate on its key businesses ", mainly in aerospace and aerospace productsupport.

DAC's shell carrier for the takeover, Flexjet LLC, also placed a $1.8 billion firm order for 85 Bombardier jets - 25 Learjet 74s, 30 Learjet 65s, 20 Challenger 350s and 10 Challenger 605s - as well as 160 options for a further $3.4 billion. Ricci says the Learjet 75 is an unannounced model of the Learjet 75 with a six-seater cab layout and a sofa ( a model of this layout will be exhibited next months at the NBAA Convention).

AIN was informed by Ricci that Flexjet LLC will be operating separate from Flight Options, the former being a luxurious'tailor-made' fractions supplier operating newer planes (four years or less), while the latter will be the'value' fraction with a portfolio of most used or refurbished jetliners. "Flexjet's visions for Flexjet are a luxurious franchise with a young Fleet, state-of-the-art technologies, handcrafted interior and an incomparable driving experience," he said.

"A well-managed, highly profitable company, Flexjet is known for its extraordinary emphasis on shareholder value and operating excellence and is a great addition to our existing portfolios. "All Flexjet staff will be retained," Ricci added. With the Flexjet, Flight Options and SentientJet brands, Directional Aviation Capital's fleet carriers provide a wide variety of options for individuals to travel with programmes that include co-ownership, memberships, leases, jet tickets and charter," Ricci said.

The Flexjet and Flight Options, as well as two Open Leaf options with Sentient Charters and Sentient jettickets. "In combination, these businesses account for more than $1. 1 billion in revenue and approximately 200,000 flight-hours a year, he concluded. Turning to the overall situation, Ricci said that the process of consolidating the fractionated industries was'inevitable' as this sector had ripened and there had been overcapacity in recent years.

"As a result, CitationAir left the fractionated markets and helped Avantair to its recent demise," he explained. Whilst recognising that there is still some overcapacity, Ricci is optimistic about the fractionated industries in the short and long term. He even sees an upside in the ultra-long, fractionated large cab segment and said to AIN that Flexjet LLC is likely to announce a follow-up order for Bombardier Globals by the end of this year.

Currently Flexjet has no Global.

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