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Taximeter calculator

So if the meter is just a distance away, why is it adding money to traffic lights? Simply put, taximeters measure distance and time. What does GoCatch do to calculate the fare?

Calculating Taxi Meter Tariffs

Tariffs do NOT apply to distances only; three different tariffs together make up the overall fare: "Initial price + kilometre price + temporary fare". Start-up charge", also known as " Flag Drop " *, is the start price of $1.00 shown on the counter. At $3.25 per kilometer, our kilometre fee is divided into 25 cent steps, so every 1/13th kilometer or part thereof will add 25 cents to the ticket price.

We have a $36 per hours wait fee, divided into 25 cent steps, so the counter will add 25 cents to the ticket price every 25 seconds. Whilst the taxi travels above the "crossover speed", the extra 25 cents are only a kilometre surcharge. If the cabin is below the "crossover speed", the extra 25 cents are just a timerload.

"The " crossing velocity " is determined by the meter and is calculated on the basis of hours and kilometers. We wait $36 per 1 hr $3.25 per 1 hr, so the "crossover speed" is 11.08 mbps, because at this rate (36/3.25) it is the same - if the taxi goes 11.08 mbps for one hr, the price is $36.00, which is an hour's wait.

Calculating the "crossover speed" is because it encourages riders to charge fare during busy times and not to stop taking taxis because of congestion. Do you have a hidden key that can be used to quickly sum up the meter? The counters are unsealed and cannot be manipulated by the rider.

Taxi meters measure the mileage using the vehicle's mileage counter and the hour over an hour, cycle.

Taximeter World Fare Calculator - London Message Board

Can' t guarantee its precision, but I did test it a few occasions and the estimations it provided seemed sensible. Use the IST tariff calculator on the TVL page. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

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