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Look for private jet charter and rent market prices for any private flight worldwide. If you're flying a private jet, you can show up at the airport minutes before takeoff. A GPS search function that helps members find the nearest airport. Yearly flight time expectations are the most important factor in finding the best private jet service for you. To find a good charter contract is not like bargain hunting on eBay.

Myths and realities of empty private jet flights - and how you can get on one.

According to legends, you can find private planes that fly empty - like in without passenger - and reserve the aircraft for a big price. Normally one of the legs is empty when the aircraft is on its way to take a passenger and take them somewhere, or when it drops off a passenger and flies home empty.

When you think that renting an Embraer Legacy 600 (usually a 50-seat local jet that has been transformed into 13 luxurious private airline seats) from Texas to Southern California for $14,800 instead of the $39,000 selling price is a good business, then the myth is there. We' ve made this and other flights, though not all of them with this stunning rebate.

There is a danger that the "living" stage - the journey that the original passenger reserved - will be cancelled. When you have reserved the empty route as well as a Hotel, a Meet, another Logistic and the cancellation of the original flights, there will be no empty flights. When your brokers can't crawl and find another empty foot, you must now make a regular airline reservation (urghhhh) or another private booking, but at the usual price.

lf the prize is right, he can post it. Visit for more experts' advice on private jets and information on the flight deck. A company aircraft can help with the planning and booking of private flights. Whether it's one person to a hundred or more, we'll find the right one.

Which is the best way to find and buy individual places for a private jet ride?

A number of companies are working on using the yacht brokers on-line models. While some focus on the placement of seating as described in the issue, others focus on the placement of complete airplane-chartering. Among those who focus on seating that I know of are: - Focus on seating on current flights. Flyvictor seems to be the most similar for the USA. - Focuses on providing groups for chartering fullplanes.

As regards Part 91 vs. 135 flights, many company or private turbo-prop or jet aeroplanes are on a third parties lease so that they can be chased if they are not operated by their holders. In the event that the landlord does not use the airplane, the arranger organizes flights and the landlord receives part of the revenue from the airplane to cover his property expenses.

Andrews Punkt: Every journey with an airplane thus recorded would be carried out either under the owner's Part 91 registry or under the 135 certification of the charters company. Under Part 91, the holder would not be able to bill the air fare in excess of a passenger's share of certain costs (see FAR 61.113).

I therefore believe that if an aircraft proprietor wanted to dispose of empty tickets on his flights, it would be the responsibility of the aircraft proprietor to enter into an agreement with his carrier to provide flights for that aircraft proprietor under the 135 licence of the carrier, thus enabling the sale of empty tickets on those flights.

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