Gulfstream V

Gulf Stream V

class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]/span> Gulfstream V (model GV, Gee-5 ) is a long-range wide-body Gulfstream Aerospace aeroplane based on the former Gulfstream IV. First flown on 28 November 1995, it went into operation in June 1997[1] and is used by the US Army under the name C-37A[ 4], followed by an upgraded Gulfstream 550 (GV-SP model). The Gulfstream V is a U.S. Air Force Flight Component designed for the C-37A and is deployed by U.

S. Departments of State and Defense. United States Coast Guard is operating two C-37As to carry the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Commandant of the Coast Guard. United States Navy runs a civilian C-37A. The Greek Air Force is operating a Gulfstream V for transporting VIPs.

The Japanese Coast Guard was awarded the first of two G-Vs named "Umi Washi" (Sea Eagle) on January 17, 2005. The plane is used by JCG for searching and rescuing in the area of marine monitoring. Delivery of the second plane took place in mid-2005. Kuwait State is operating a G-V aircraft[9] in a transportation function for the Royal family.

Gulfstream supplied an ultra-long distance G-V to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) on March 11, 2005. Known as the High-Performance, Instrumented Airborne Platform also known as HIAPER, Platform for Environmental Research (HIAPER) located in Boulder, Colorado, the GV is used by environment and atmosphere researchers from government and industry research institutions[12] The GV was selected by NCAR because of its exceptional cruise height, long flight envelope, durability, payload, dependability and low operational cost, as well as its global support [13] The HIAPER Gulfstream V is designed to accommodate wing/pylon-mounted instruments.

The Federal Aviation Administration runs a Gulfstream G-IV with rear number M1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation & Department of Justice betreiben eine Gulfstream G-V. The Federal Emergency Department runs a Gulfstream G-V for transporting teams in emergency management. The National Center for Atmospheric Research runs a Gulfstream G-V for research purposes. "This is C-37A Gulfstream V."

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