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Airport Van Nuys

See all airports in California. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Facilities">Facilities[edit] The Van Nuys Airport (IATA: VNY, ICAO: KVNY, FAA LID: VNY) is a Van Nuys Municipal Airport located in the San Fernando Valley section of the Los Angeles, California metropolitan border. There are no large carriers flying to this airport, which is held and run by Los Angeles Worldsports. One of the most congested general air traffic hubs in the whole wide area.

Van Nuys Airport had over 220,000 take-offs and landings in 2016 with two simultaneous take-off s and lands. This airport hosts the Van Nuys FlyAway Bus Services, which provide non-stop bus services to Los Angeles International Airport for travellers who leave their car in Van Nuys. A lot of Los Angeles area intelligence, ambulance and travel choppers are stationed at Van Nuys Airport.

Los Angeles City Fire Department runs its Air Operations Unit at Van Nuys Airport. Los Angeles also has its airport service center, which is used for the provision and servicing of Air Force Police (LAPD) and Air Force District Police (LADWP) aircraft. The Van Nuys Airport extends over 293 ha (725 acres) and has two runways: A KTTV communications aircraft "Sky Fox 2", a secundary KTLA held KTLA aircraft, went down at Van Nuys Airport in 2001 after having trouble awarding the Academy Awards.

One Six Right, a movie that documents the story of Van Nuys Airport, was published in 2005. The airport was called after the most popular airport take-off and landing area. A number of films and TV shows were shot at the airport, among them one on the TV show Alias and several on the 5th and 24th series.

Airwolf, the baseball intelligence show, routinely used the Van Nuys Airport hangers as the location for Santini, the airline security firm that owns and operates Ernest Borgnine's Dominic Santini. In the 1950s, the movie Armored Car Robbery was filmed at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport.

Much of the sci-fi classics Silent Running was produced at Van Nuys Airport in March 1971. This is where the cupolas of the space probe, which housed the last preserved woods, were filmmed. Initially, the woodland surroundings were to be set in the Mitchell Park Cathedrals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the film' s funding meant that the sequence had to be set in a recently constructed airplane hanger in Van Nuys.

The last installment of the first installment of the HBO Entourage is at Van Nuys Airport, where Vincent Chase and his team take off for New York City. Squadron 5 on Episode 7 sees Chase and Ari Gold meet in a hanger, as both are about to take off with separated departures to Geneva, Switzerland and Hawaii.

Chase and his team meet Matt Damon on their way to Italy for a movie shooting in the last scene of the sixth series, EP 12. The airport was also the setting for Britney Spears' musical clip for "Stronger", Metallica's musical clip for "The Memories Remains", the musical clip for Blink-182 for "All The Small Things" and Kiss' musical clip for "God Gave Rock and Roll To You 2".

The Van Nuys Airport was also used to shoot the outer airport scene at the end of "Casablanca". This paper contains materials in the off-the-shelf format from the Air Force Historical Research Agency website for this airport:

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