Buy old Airplane

Buying an old aircraft

When parts for a particular aircraft are hard to find, so are the customers who buy them. More seriously, it would be orders of magnitude harder to do what you suggest than buy and relocate an old Pullman cart for the same purpose. As I buy and move a disused Boeing 747 airplane, so that I can be in it can?

Seriously, it would be orders of magnitudes more difficult to do what you suggest than buy and move an old Pullman cart for the same use. The 747 can reasonably be driven no more than a few kilometres from an aerodrome and should be able to reach it on its own.

Arriving there, a flight path would have to be cleared, the altitude, span and mass of the airplane would have to be taken into account, and it would have to be switched off or dismantled long enough for it to begin its voyage. When searching online, you should be able to find images or videos of the unbelievable Ulysses that one of the Space Shuttles had to make to be brought to a museum in South California a few years ago.

Considering that a 747 was carrying shuttles on its back, one gets an impression of the extent of the logistic problems. You' d be contacting an airplane reclamation agent who either has one or will have one, you could also be contacting an airplane brokers to go out and do the work for you.

When it is still in flying order, they can take it to the next big enough airfield for you, and then dismantle it and bring it on truck to your site. First, do what everyone else proposed in this thread, point get in touch with the track routes to get the thing filled on about 10 shallow bed vehicles and ship to where you want it after being flew (assuming it's flyable), how near it can get to this position, then after the train trip, find a firm willing to take about 10+ lorries to haul it from the track warehouse to the precise site so that it will rests as a home for the remainder of its life.

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