Srilankan Airlines Travel Package

Sri Lankan Airlines travel package

Receive the best deals for Sri Lanka packages. Have a look at our current Sri Lanka packages. sri lanka Bursting with a host of touristic destinations and scenic attractions, Sri Lanka is a place of vast sun-drenched shores, magnificent ancient remains and nature creation, all beautifully entwined into a teardrop-like Indian Ocean Isle. In contrast, the mainland offers not only 8 UNESCO World Heritage protected areas, but also fascinating blends of ancient, sacred and pristine features that provide a truly memorable adventure for anyone invading this magic world.

The Unawatuna strand was voted one of the top 100 best shores in the whole wide range by CNN in 2013. The land lies off the Indian Peninsula in the Indian Ocean of Southern Asia. Sarajevo is encircled by the Bay of Bengal in the northeast and the Arabian Sea in the southwest.

The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait separate this archipelago from the coast of India. Plenty of things you can do once you arrive here with a Sri Lanka package. Rightly referred to as the "drop of the ocean ", tourism and travelers can experience scenic attractions as well as game safaris, adventurous activities and seaside living.

About 435 types of migrating and native bird life can be found on the isle. Also with great Sri Lanka sandy areas in Hikkaduwa and Trincomalee, snorkeling and diving spots with stunningly beautiful cliffs and beautiful sea beds, the resort is the ideal place for any kind of recreation and pleasure. Buyers from around the globe can shop in modern style in Majestic City and Liberty Plaza centers or visit woven, handcrafted, jewellery and collectable goods stores.

Sri Lanka is an archipelagic state linked to other parts of the globe by air and sea. Bandaranaike International is one of the country's operating airports, about 30 kilometres from the Colombo metropolis. Tiruchirapalli, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Delhi and Mumbai. The airports serve as a gateway linking the countryside with large towns in India such as Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Delhi and Mumbai.

Koggala Airport and Bentola River Airport also offer passengers transportation to India with airline companies. Waterway transportation is the primary means of transportation in Sri Lanka with frequent scheduled crossings from India to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is open to the public almost all year round.

The best moment to go to this insular state, however, will depend on the nature of the activities you wish to undertake. So you can reserve your Sri Lanka travel package at any season of the year. Winter is the best season to see and explore places in Sri Lanka.

Those new to Sri Lanka can experience various outdoor pursuits without having to feel the intensive warmth and dryness of sommer. Sri Lanka has tropic and hot climate zones. Best times to explore the countryside vary by coastal region. Sightseeing places in Sri LankaAbundant at touristic places, the Sri Lanka islands have much to give the visitors.

Whether it' amusement, adventures, entertainment right up to relaxing, you will never be tired of your Sri Lanka outing. Several of the sights in Sri Lanka are: Sri Lanka has exactly the kind of destination for all those interested in art that can make this trip a fertile experience.

Select a dosage of Fine Arts as part of your Sri Lanka Package! All of Sri Lanka has a number of quiet and lovely sandy shores. Its coast is characterized by an infinite number of remarkable coastlines, one of which includes Arugam Bay, Bentota, Galle, Hikkaduwa, Kalutara, Mount Lavinia and Negombo.

Sri Lanka's dancing tradition is as interesting as the land itself. Different locals from the Kandyan, Ruhunu and Sabaragamu tribes appear in the country's centers of civilization. Those wonderful dancing is certainly something to be watched on your Sri Lanka holiday to find out more about their cultures. During your Sri Lanka journey you can go on adventure game drives in Wilpattu and Yala National Parks with Lake Willu, or observe wildlife in Kumana National Parks in Yala East, famous for its birdlife of waterfowl and waders.

Iceland is rich in natural resources both on coastal and waterfall shores. A number of cascades line the country's grounds, such as Baker's Fall, St Claire's Falls, Devon Falls, etc., which reveal the country's breathtaking scenery. It will never be an end to the exploration of this insular state with endless potentials to be a good hospitality for every arriving visitor.

There are many places to go in Sri Lanka; with its picturesque shores, paradisiacal surroundings and many destinations, a holiday in Sri Lanka will be unsurpassed. Srilankan offers a wide range of seafood and sweets that will please your palate.

Delicious in style, this Dutch-style meal is a great snack-on-the-go article while you indulge in your Sri Lanka package. Featuring a large dosage of the most popular fruit such as chocolate nut and jacket fruit, this land provides a wagon of the best meals that any visitor can have. Savour these and many more delicacies and explore the best places in Sri Lanka.

RI LANKA - MORE THAN RIGHT BEACHS / BYOND BEACHS: The islands host a variety of adventures and activites such as visits, adventurous and game safaris. Visitors can go shopping in shopping centres or at supermarkets, adventurous people can hike. Although it is rewarding to find Sri Lanka's adventurous sport fun, it is rewarding to have every feeling about it.

One of the best unusual activities in Sri Lanka are: Bring seaplanes or flyboats on a picturesque journey across luxuriant jungle, lakes, lagoons or dams; take a flight from Kelaniya and see Sirigiya's emblem. Beginners and pros equally will find the favourite city on the south-east coast the best place to enjoy an underwater dive adventure.

PADI certified diving is offered by PADI certified diving professionals on your Sri Lanka trip. In Sri Lanka, take a hot-air ballon trip into a fascinating and invisible underworld. Perched high above the sky, you can observe the animals from a distance, admire the unlimited views of luxuriant forest and jungles or slide across the country's vast coast.

It is a singular experiment to watch the culture places and Buddhistic memorials from above in the aerial. Knuckles chain features wide peaks dotted with pygmy woods, a secluded target known only to a few. Take part in a hiking excursion at one of the country's most popular spots of bio-diversity. - Looking for an extrem experience: The Pigeon Island Nationalpark lies 1 km before Nillavelli and comprises 2 flat water isles with the best sandy beach in Sri Lanka.

Situated near Pigeon Islands, tourist can continue to enjoy a stunning adventure of wildlife viewing. The 24-hectare large nursery enables guests to enjoy and participate in various outdoor pursuits such as petting, swimming and caring. Be it the picturesque beach, the nature miracles, the kitchen or the appealing flair of the place, it is an exciting adventure to explore how Sri Lanka's lifestyle works.

FAQ for Sri Lanka Tour Packages:-1. How many Sri Lanka tour packs do you have? - Our fleet of parcels to Sri Lanka totals 151. Which is the reserve for a package to Sri Lanka? - Maximum cost for a package to Sri Lanka is Rs.14,981 .

Which is the maximal cost for a package to Sri Lanka? - You can buy a package to Sri Lanka up to a max of 175.109 . Please click here to make a booking for tailor-made Sri Lanka holidays and receive interesting offers for Sri Lanka holidays.

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