Flying Hoverboard

Floating flying board

Zapata's jet-powered hoverboard is flying at 80mph. Instead, he concentrated his energies on race skiing and finally founded his own aquatics firm, Zapata Racing. Yet Zapata never gave up his dreams. Zapata used a series of models and a rig to design the EZ Fly. Together with the Franky team, they developed a stabilization algorithms to keep the boards as stable as possible and to make flying as easy as possible.

The EZ Fly is regarded as a possible instrument for the US Forces. Both Henry Berkowitz and Daniel Edwards are former members of SP and work with Zapata as external advisors to assess whether the equipment would be appropriate for non-pilot training or not.

"It' definitely going to be hard to get used to and hard to fly," says Berkowitz, "and I can see how it could possibly have a place in the military." Mr Berkowitz and Mr Edwards discussed the potential of EZ Fly for exploring challenging terrain or quickly reaching many areas. Master sky skier wanted to go flying, so he created his own jet-powered floating board.

The EZ Fly is now being evaluated for use in the army.


The Flyboard Air can loose an motor when the motor is switched off and still resume the flight. In the event of two motors failing, the Flyboard Air will perform a guided descend. Car lift modes allow the driver to keep a constant height without using the accelerator pedal. Insulated turbine with enhanced coolant and lubricant improve turbine performance, improve turbine performance and extend turbine life.

Integrated stabilisation independently of air traffic control. Indicators via a heads-up screen provide the driver with information on motor progress, petrol level, height and airspeed. Autonomous motor control means that any possible malfunction can only affect one motor at a stretch and the Flyboard Air can still be flying safe. Self-contained supply of motor fuels. Three times the redundancy of air borne control units - two cabled units and a back-up system.

Fast buckle boot allows the pilots to quickly let go of the Flyboard Air in case of an avalanche. The Flyboard Air is the test site for a whole new class of VTOL flights. The Flyboard© and Flyboard Air work according to the same principle and are steered in the same way.

Indeed, anyone who trains to use the Flyboard Air must first practice on a hydrofoil board. Hoverboard blends the thrill of windsurfing and boarding with the thrill of being in the air. Control and future orientated styling make you look like a real pilots. How large is the flying range? Could we show that in the house?

Yes, we can show inside, dependent on the venue dimensions and the type of events. Could anyone else show the Flyboard Air? When you want us to show at an airshow, you must obtain permission from the air traffic authority in your state. Actually, we have already registered and can protest at airshows as long as we take off and arrive from an airport.

What kind of kerosene does he use per plane? Consumes about 5 galons per plane. Could you fire a gun while you're flying it? There are some alternative ways of controlling flights to make it easier to use firearms, but they haven't been tried yet. For some special purposes, this unit could allow a managed ride after the plane exits.

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