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The Staggerwing was superseded after the end of the Napoleonic Wars by the Beechcraft Bonanza with a striking V-tail. Probably the most famous beech plane, the Bonanza has been produced in various versions since 1947. 9 ] The Bonanza had the longest series of all airplanes in the history of the company, whether in the past or today.

Other important beech planes include the King Air/Super King Air range of turbo prop engines that have been in operation since 1964,[9] the Baron, a two-engine version of the Bonanza, and the Beechcraft Model 18, initially a corporate and scheduled jet from the 1930' to 1960', which is still in operation as a freighter.

Raytheon Beechcraft joined the Hawker line, taken over by British Aerospace in 1993, to form Raytheon in 1994 and became Raytheon Aercraft Company. The Beechcraft mark was revitalized in 2002 to rename the planes manufactured in Wichita. Raytheon Raytheon in 2006 bought airplanes from Goldman Sachs and founded Hawker Beechcraft. Beechcraft has been based in Wichita, Kansas since its founding, also home to its main rival Cessna, the cradle of Learjet and Stearman, whose coaches were deployed in large numbers during the Second World War.

Bechcraft model 16 single-engined, all-metal trainer. Wheels and rear were two ft less than model 19. There was only one ever made because Mrs. Beech didn't like the plane. Modell 39P Blitz experimental turbo-prop commercial airplane. 2000 model Directorship Twin-engined twin-engine commercial airliner with Canon configurations and thrust propulsion.

The Beechcraft UC-43 Traveler Earlyliest and impressive samples were inventory items, others had smaller changes to comply with army specification. Bechcraft AT-7 Navigator/C-45/UC-45/CT-128 Expeditor Model 18s, designed for the army with small modification. CT-134 Beechcraft Musketeer Canada Marine derivates of the Musketeer/Sundowner family. The Beechcraft AT-10 Wichita twin-engine coach is mainly constructed of timber. Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly prototype 1944 two engine attacking airplane.

Beechcraft T-34 Mentor & T-34C Turbine Mentor Single engine two seater coach loose derivative of the rear Straight Bonanza. beechcraft XT-36 Canceled training and transportation planes. beechcraft L-23, U-8A to U-8E Seminole Standard Twin Bonanza. Beechcraft T-42 Cochise From the Baron shelving. Beechcraft Model 73 Prototype Mentor for a two-seater model Beechcraft Tec jet-trainers.

Beechcraft U-8F (or higher) Seminole Marine from Queen Air. Beechcraft C-12 Huron/RC-12 Railing/CT-145 Super King Air Super King King Air for US and Canadians. The Beechcraft T-1A Jayhawk Model 400 model is a Jayhawk model that is used as a pilot training system for large U.S. aircrafts. The Beechcraft T-6 Texan II/CT-156 Harvard II has re-engineered the Pilatus PC-9 turbo-prop two-seater for the JPATS series.

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