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Enter your details above to view the last-minute rates. View all parcels Arrival: Nights: Spacey and fully equipped, these apartments have 3 double rooms, 3 baths, fully equipped galley, open plan galley, lounge and dinning room, open fire, terrace and en-suite whirlpool room. Roomy and quiet mansions just steps from Lake Superior, with stunning view, wooden heated chimneys and terraces by the lake. Discover the beauties of our wild country and make life-long mementoes.

Savour the lively range of red, orange and yellow as you paddle the cotton canal, hike the Superior Walking Trail or fish from one of our many lagoons. Featuring the lakeside as a setting and a mix of accommodation, eating and function rooms, you and your guest can celebrate your whole marriage in one lovely place.

It is a popular place for celebrating families because of the resort's extensive terrain, the diversity of Lake Superior accommodation and the many free outdoor recreational opportunities and programmes for people of all ages. Ideal for families, families and friends. Our dinning room is situated in the historical lodge and provides a relaxed, refined eating environment with breathtaking Lake Superior view and excellent eating and serving cuisine.

Would you like to schedule a last minute journey? Bundle contains two or more overnight stays, daily Lakeside Dining Room breakfasts, Lakeside Dining Room or Poplar River Pub dinners and children up to 12 years of age and under 12 years of age eating the same meal for free (children's menu). Accommodation for two or more overnight stays, daily Lakeside Dining Room breakfasts, Lakeside Dining Room dinners and your room chilled water upon your arrive.

One or more overnight stays and daily breakfasts are included in the price in the Lakeside Dining Room. If you are a group of enthusiastic golfer or a familiy with people of all ability level, you will have a great getaway on the Superior National Golf Course, which is located right next to the residence.

Discount of 10% on all types of accomodation for people aged 62 and over. Included in the price are two overnight stays, daily Lakeside breakfasts in the Lakeside dining room and a Lakeside evening meal in the Lakeside dining room. Please click here to find out more about the specials during the Peak xc skiing and snowshoeing seasons.

Find out more about our specials or let us help you put together a multi-day parcel according to your wishes! Spend three evenings and average weekly prices for your accommodation throughout March! Suitable for all types of accommodation. Please click here to see our offers and prices. The best accommodation and food we have! 299/ two overnight stays at theodge | $399/ two overnight stays in a sleeping room of the Poplar River Condo.

Plus you get $200 in credits and a bottle of bubbly. Spend two days and get a third free! Spend three days and get a free four overnight stays! For more information and to see our favourite specials and fares, click here.

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