Crb Check for Pco Licence Online

Pco Crb Check for online Pco license

Introduction to the CRB check required to obtain a PCO license. CRB Extended CRB Requirement No more than 3 month old and your name must correspond to your driving licence and your identity card. For at least 5 years, inclusive of the data if you reside abroad, you must also complete an extra blank with your home from abroad home location.

Should the adress on your driver's license not correspond to the adress with which you request your personal rental agreement and your extended crb-check, your request for a personal rental agreement will be refused. In case there are misspellings in your name or your name does not coincide in all your document (s), you need to change them before requesting your extended CRB.

Failure to do so will result in your advanced CRB request being delayed or rejected. The CRB DBS extended inspection is performed by the CRB authorised by the CRB and we can help you perform your CRB DBS inspection at our offices. CRB is processed through the TfL-approved online detection services company, the procedure lasts about half an hours and is followed by a brief postal inspection to verify your badges.

They must be able to produce some important documentation and have access to certain information. At only £30 we calculate to handle your CRB request, then you must remit to Swiss Post the charges for verifying your ID and filing your request with Disclosures & Barring Services. In order to make a reservation for this special offer you can call us on 020 8088 1230 and we will make a reservation for you.


Click on the logotype for more information on crime scans. New CRB is necessary because TFL now needs a CRB that is appropriate for privat taxi licensing. CRBs that are specifically designed for personal rentals can be used if they are no more than 3 month old.

According to the following principles, the decision on a licence shall be taken by the TFL: and how serious it was. What time has it been since the crime was committed? Please note: Crimes of sex and violence more than definitely result in a refusal to license. Drinking while behind the wheel is not an absolute exclusion, but is examined on a case-by-case base. For further information please do not feel free to contact us.

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