Learjet 40xr

40xr Learjet

Evolution to Learjet 70/75. Class 40XR specifications, number of passengers, seats, cabin dimensions, payload, range, fuel capacity, landing speed, ZFW. Learjet 40XR from Bombard | Business Jet Traveler Take off two meters from the hull of the Learjet 45, discard two front seat passengers, discard 100 gal of petrol and that's what you get: a $9.46 million ball that's Sexy, Long-legged and Quick. It' Learjet 40XR.

While Bombardier was looking for a replacement for the Learjet 32A, he was saving a lot of cash by bringing the Model 45 mainly to the cutting workshop instead of creating a real "clean piece of paper".

A Learjet 40 divides the 45 engine, electronics, wings, dashboard and body, but cost 2.4 million dollars less. However, to reach the full cruising distance (2,032 sea miles) of the 45, you can only accommodate four full fueleders. There are five seat wastes (if you include the taped potty).

The work on the Learjet 45 began in 1992 and the delivery in 1998. Bombardier later that year began delivering a longer-term version of the 45, the Learjet 45XR. Featuring a 1,000 pound rise in take-off mass, slightly more propellant capability, and a set of state-of-the-art Honeywell TFE731-20-BR Honeywell turbo charged power plants that reduce the length of the balance array at higher temperature, improve climbing times, and allow for better high-speed cruising, the plane offers a new level of performance and performance.

with eight occupants, the 46XR will travel almost 1,000 sea-mile further than a regular Learjet 45. A redesigned cab with more comfort seating, extra leg room and better illumination was also added to the 44XR. The 40XR will travel 936 sea mile further than a model 40. 40XR's max cruising distance rose to 1,808 sea-mile, and its max take-off mass rose to a sound 21,000lb.

This is 200 leagues more cruising than a Cessna Citation Encore and 45 kn provides 45 kn more cruising speeds, but the same cruising speeds and slightly less cruising than a Beechjet. 40XR climbing to 43,000 ft is an active 23 minute period and has a 51,000 ft blanket.

The 40XR stops in less than 2,700 ft at max. landings. Low-floored, elliptical occupant's cab is 17 ft, 9 ft long and has a cross-section of 4 ft, 11 ft high and 5 ft, 1 ft broad. The total capacity of the cab is 363 cbm. Each of the six adjustable front and rear passengers are seated in a front Four Club arrangement, behind which are two forward directed seating units.

Offering ground and ground guidance, sliding and pivoting movements, the outer arm can be raised or lowered. According to an airline that operates both the 45 and the 40, the latter has more leg room. Fold-out desks are folded out from the side walls of the cab. There is a large toilet in the back room with washbasin, belt flush pot and a 15 cubic feet cupboard.

Cubicle has iPod connection and can be fitted with XM radios, CD and disc player as well as 12" front and rear cubicle screens. Apart from the on-board maintenance component, the 40XR offers few cab option to conserve upgrade carpet, veneer and coatings. In contrast to the Encore, the 40XR must be piloted with two people.

three 40XRs operate more than 400 hrs per year traveling an average of 800 mph. Chuck Cox, chairman, said even clients used to larger aircraft like the Hawker 800 will find the 40XRs convenient.

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