Citation Business Jet

The Citation Business Jet

The Citation XL story For many years, the Citation XL series has been the best-selling privat jet in the whole wide variety of yachts and has a very good performance on the charters markets. Cessna''s attractiveness is based on its cost-effective access to the mid-range cabine category in combination with Cessna's large luggage capability, as well as its dependability and outstanding service team.

Citation XL aircraft are widely used in Europe and North America for medium and long haul travel. Citation XL was developed with the aircraft cell of the worlds quickest privat jet, Citation XL (Ten). By using smaller power plants and a rectilinear blade, the Citation XL was able to retain the key characteristics of the Citation XL, but with significant cost reductions in terms of manufacturing and overhead.

As the Citation XL can travel from London to Athens, it can be rented for most German inland charters. With its take-off and landing capability, this jet has easy and convenient connections to many shorter take-off and runway areas such as Cannes Airport, Lugano Airport and Bern Airport. Like so many other business aircraft, the Citation XL is also conceived for a vertical flight to London City Airport.

If you ask a Citation XL jet passenger why the Citation XL is so much loved by them, they will tell you that it's about value for your money as well as room in the cab; until recently, no other jet sold the XL cab for the cost. However, Cessna must beware of the new Phenom 300, which could call into question the Citation XL family's position as the world's most beloved personal jet.

Citation XL's cab accommodates up to eight people in a calm cab. Folding desks and movable head restraints use the room and offer convenient flights to your guests. One outer pocket provides 80 square ft of stowage room, along with a little more room in an inner cupboard (ideal for your club or cumbersome luggage).

There is a warm and chilled drink area and a minibar in the cab. Please do not hesitate to call us (866) 726-1222 (24 hours) for an individual offer for your personal jet tour or further information.

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