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Clean Air Cab employee reviews on Clean Air Cab culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Work in the Clean Air Cab: staff evaluations Reinluftkabine was a work I really didn't like, you worked with taxi driver who are from abroad and had no clue what was going on, also many older persons who were missing their planned trip. It was a great business to work with Clean Air Cab. Our managerial staff was kind and honest.

Even the riders were kind. Unfortunately, the firm went out of business. Mm. It was a great place to do Clean Air Cab when I got involved last year. However, the "management" developed a "don't care" stance, and in November this year, the corporation went bankrupt due to "lack of business". Enjoying the other Dispatch/Callcenter staff and the interaction with the riders.

Gladly I supported the enterprise with the budget and bookkeeping. The cooperation with the personnel and the riders is fun.


The CleanAir Cabs programme was started on 1 April 2007 as part of the ongoing Boston municipality's drive for sustainability in transport. The Boston CleanAir Cabs is a coalition of governments, corporations and communities committed to reduce the impact of fuels, air pollutants and workplace hazards associated with the city's cab fleets.

This programme encourages the replacement of older fuel-efficient cabins by hybrids and alternatives as the current vehicle fleets are phased out. CleanAir's Cab programme will help motorists safe cash on the road (to keep more of what they earn), help car ownership upgrade their fleets and make more profits, and protect the lives of everyone in Boston by cutting air emissions and mitigating global warming.

When you are a cab driver, you should consider buying a hybride or alternate motor home the next times you need to change a replacement motor home. When you are a cab user, look for the strip of light blue that indicates CleanAir Cab cars, or ask for a CleanAir Cab when you call for a pick-up. Driver benefitsThe most important advantage of the CleanAir Cabs driver programme is that it makes good business sense. The CleanAir Cabs programme is designed for driver comfort.

Hybrids can take up to three and a half gallons of mileage per gal of petrol than old Crown Victoria cabs. What's more, they can be used in a wide variety of applications. April 2005 a Hybrid Ford Escape was used to track a working cab (1999 Crown Victoria from Green Cab of Somerville, MA) on its way. Victoria Crown used 10 during this period.

Twenty-five gal of methane whereas the hybrids only used three. Seventy-seventy-seven. And if you don't rent the cabin, but own and operate your own car, you get the added advantage of up to $3,000 in government taxes on the cost of purchasing a new hybrids. Proprietors who rent their cabins to chauffeurs profit from the taxi allowance and a slightly higher rental price for the chauffeur.

Even the owner reports that their hybrids are in high demand spending more street traffic instead of idly spending most of their spare tire life in the garages. Advantages for Boston ResidentsHybrid Cabins Help Safeguard the Boston Citizen's Environment. Given that the avarage cab ride can last up to 18 hrs per night in the cities, the replacement of even one vehicle with a single hybride can lead to an enormous reduction in motor vehicle exhausts and GHGs.

Automobile fumes can even cause bronchial tubes. In Boston, children suffer five out of every five cases of acute respiratory distress from massachusetts. A CleanAir Cab causes between 50% and 89% less emission than today's taxis. The removal of these contaminants from our air protects the soundness of all people in and around Boston.

It is estimated that even the replacement of a single old cab with a hybride could reduce emissions of 300,000 to 500,000 lbs of CO2 into the air in five years - in just one layer a night. The replacement of all 1,800 cabins in the urban fleets could mean that up to 180 million lbs (90,000 tonnes) of CO2 would not be discharged into the air.

In order to take part, the taxis must have the permission of the Hackney Division to put a new CleanAir Cab on the street.

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