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Frictional losses can occur with both local authorities and taxi companies. Raising awareness of tourist areas and local events. in New York. Drivers, too. Following a mounting excitement among Uber drivers in New York City in 2016 over falling income, Uber gave in and made a few concessions: to recognise a local group of drivers.

This group, the Independent Drivers Guild, was not a real trade union, but it would hold regular meetings with over-management and the driver's lawyer.

Nevertheless the allegation remained that the Gilde was a farmer for Uber as it received funds from the mighty firm. Two years later, however, the guard adopts an ever more controversial attitude towards Uber as it presses for higher wages and an upper limit for new drivers. Supported by Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, vets from the Uber campaign, the Uber drivers' leaders, who are fighting for their livelihoods, are being made aware of the situation - just like taxi drivers.

Following the killing of a taxi rider himself last week - one of six committing suicide since December - the Independent Drivers Guild clearly demanded new rules and said guides had ignored "widespread exploitation". "While Uber as a giant has gutted the yarn cabin industries, front line laborers in both spheres are sharing a band of shared despair.

"Sohail Rana, an over-driver and member of the guard, said, "How many of our homes still have to be smashed before the town acts. Leader will not say how much the guest will pay or how many members the guest has as part of its drivers' representation arrangement. However, Uber's officers are hardly happy with the group's choice to pursue the final outcome.

New York City is considering tougher regulations for Uber and other driving companies that have swamped the roads with cars. City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council are under squeeze to tackle several issues: equitable driver salaries, reduction of road overload and stabilisation of taxi medallion crashes.

Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi last Monday paid a visit to the City Hall as part of a charming campaign to improve the company's corporate identity. Mr. Khosrowshahi had a meeting with Corey Johnson, the city council spokesman, who recently said it was a failure not to slow Uber's 2015 economic expansion when Mr. de Blasio tried to set an upper limit without success.

Over has become very well-loved in New York, and his journeys surpassed the yellows for the first year last year. In the town there are about 65,000 connected cars which, according to the taxi and limousine commission, offer more than 400,000 rides per night. Lyft, its major competitor, records about 112,000 rides per year.

Municipal legislation limits the number of complimentary taxi cabs to about 13,500; they usually make about 300,000 journeys per night. The New Yorkers are getting cheaper journeys in beautiful cars - and a break from the cancelled metro - while Uber is heading for a $48 billion IPO next year.

However, many of the drivers relied on by New Yorkers and Uber leaders feel desperate. The drivers are caught in bootlegging auto credits. They earn relatively little cash with each journey after deducting charges, such as VAT, and after taking over their share of more than 20 per cent.

Acosta Pedro began to drive for Uber in 2011 just after the arrival of the ministry in New York. About lured drivers and promised that they would earn $5,000 in their first months. Mr. Acosta made 4,457 journeys last year for Uber, or more than 85 journeys per weeks. He earned about $30,000 after spending, according to his income taxes, an amount he said it was hard to reside in an ever more costly town.

In order to buy his Mitsubishi Outlander SUV 2016, Mr. Acosta took out a 17.7 per cent interest bearing mortgage to finance a purchase. It is important to him to wear a necktie in order to improve his evaluation as a rider and make his kids proud. An Independent Drivers Guild poll found that one fifth of drivers had a budget income of less than $30,000 a year.

According to a poll of a rival group, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, which represent taxi and carpool drivers, about 44 per cent of drivers earned between $20,000 and $39,000. Mr. Acosta, a member of the guard, is paying $18 in fees every flat monthly. That group gave him a vote, he said, as it did when they struggled to tip travelers out of the apartment - an inspiration Uber took up last year.

Gilde is now shouting for changes. There will be a minimal wage set for apple drivers, similar to the measured fares that taxi drivers deserve; a cap on Uber's provision; and a stop on licencing extra drivers. Municipal council is considering a number of laws, one of which would reduce the number of rental cars.

Simultaneously, the taxi committee of the town is investigating the payment of drivers and plans to suggest new regulations this comingummer. Seea Joshi, the city's taxi inspector, said that an increase in vehicle flows has made it much more difficult for drivers to find travel. Uber spokesperson Alix Anfang said the trial on paying the rider was a good one.

"We believe that all full-time drivers in N.Y.C. - taxi, limo and Uber equally - should be able to earn a livelihood income and help their families," Ms. Anfang said. Drivers who took their own life came from all over the sector - men driving cabs as well as for Livree and Livree Carservices.

Abdul Saleh, a young taxi rider who rented his taxi and was killed last weekend, was the latest to commit suicide, according to the Taxi Workers Alliance. Faced with the taxi drivers' suicides, Mr. Khosrowshahi said he would assist a charge on over-trips to provide a "hardship fund" to assist the taxi medal holders who are in trouble.

New York Taxi Workers Alliance Chief Executive Bhairavi Desai knocked down the New York Taxi Workers Alliance hit the Hard Ship Funds as a PR gimmick and attempted to prevent new rules from being imposed. Ms. Desai is a common reviewer of the Independent Drivers Guild and argues that their leadership cannot be trusted because they get funds from Uber.

Ms Desai says that the guild's attack on Uber is intended to give the appearance that it is not working with the group. Established in 1998, the Taxibund with some 4,000 dues-paying members has also advocated new regulations, such as a car ceiling and a minimal tariff.

However, the Independent Drivers Guild's embassy is more sophisticated. Associated with a local office of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Revolution Messaging, the organization behind Mr. Sanders' 2016 online marketing drive, was commissioned by theilde. This past weekend, the guild's managing secretary, Ryan Price, criticised Mr Khosrowshahi's "hardship fund" as another charge that would affect the worker.

"Uber's CEO must tackle the plight of drivers for his own business before considering further reductions in our subwage," Mr. Price said. In view of low salaries and long working times, some over-drivers have stopped.

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