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Air Cinnamon Flights Vous Are You Looking for vols pas chers avec Cinnamon Air ? You can use the links to reserve cheap flights directly with the airline or travel agency offering the best deal. Find the cheapest flights for your trip. Faites Simply une sélection ci-dessous dans la liste des vols Cinnamon Air pour réserver un vol pas cher sur Cinnamon Air ou utilisez les liens sur l'écran pour trouver plus d'informations sur les vols.

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Zimtflugzeug - now all right? If we are about to travel to Kogalla, we are going to take the floatplane and not the regular vehicle andriver. Could I verify if Cinnamon air is working well now? Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Hello, no clue, but just a single words of warning: If Zimt only flew Katunayake-Koggala (and no intermediate stop at the Water's Edge Areodrom in Colombo), then your saving of your precious valuable experience would be minimum.

Koggala downtown, incl. access to the Southern Expressway in Kottawa, only 2:15 hrs..... Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Zimtflugzeug - now all right? The Cinnamon Air is a national airline with regular services between BIA (Colombo Banadaranaike International Airport) and several scenic places in Sri Lanka..... The planned price to Koggala from BIA is $231 per passenger and route inclusive of Tax.

You are currently eligible for a 30% discount until October 31, 2013 and the price for pre-October 31 ticket purchases is $163 per passenger per trip. Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Zimtflugzeug - now all right? It has been reported to me that charters are usually much more costly than normal business trips, so comparison is not possible.

Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Yeah, but that's $231 for the planned airfare. Zimtflugzeug - now all right? In addition, the Colombo - Dickwella - Koggala - Colombo line seems to be the one. In that case, you will have half an hour's stay in Dickwella before coming to Koggala.

Zimtflugzeug - now all right? Cinnamon Air flew us from Batticaloa to Colombo on 26 May. Although the route is served by Cinnamon Air regular services, the prices cannot be likened to a planned large airliner to serve overseas locations. You also have other regular services that are served by an amphibious plane type Fessna - visit their website.

Zimtflugzeug - now all right?

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