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"When I gave him the prize, he wrote back and said, "Book it," he says. Booking private jets online to enjoy the best in the world. Private Fly the JetOptions Way with ARG/US & Wyvern Flight Rental. Booking &

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Personal jet trips are treated with Uber.

In 2009, when Sergey Petrossov first searched for a private jet reservation, he found the only way to do this by telephoning estate agents, copying bills, scanning and faxing. Petrossov, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, started JetSmarter in March 2013, an application with which private jet travel around the world can be booked directly.

Private jet industries have only slowly opened up to a kind of global market where almost anything can be done with the finger of an apple. However, a number of start-ups such as JetSmarter, Victor, PrivateFly and Ubair (a play-off from Uber, though not connected to the carpool service) are transforming the way it works by providing online private jet trip markets that offer more choices, visibility and quickness in on-demand booking.

Consequently, making a private jet secure is more comfortable and effective than ever - and although it is not cheap for most individuals to call it, it is less costly. The increase in goods on the merchanting-the provision of smaller, lower -cost jet aircraft for passengers-will lower the point of boarding.

At JetSmarter, for example, non-members can book a three-seater Los Angeles to Las Vegas trip from $3,800 for the whole aircraft - that is, three peers can travel private to a full airport conference for about $1,265 each to avoid the problems of some large cities and travel on their own favorite itinerary.

Whilst each organisation is slightly different in its own way of doing things, they allow all clients to immediately bill charter of more than one option from point A to point D and then immediately book the one of their choice. It' s a similar approach to Uber, an application that lets you order and buy a trip smoothly.

Headquartered in the UK, Adam Twidell, PrivateFly's Chief Executive Officer, was a flyer at the early morning hours of the NetJets fractal jet owner firm, noticing how dissatisfied the common private jet pilots were with the way it worked - especially because clients, he said, never knew if they were paying too much for a plane.

In 2008, he founded PrivateFly with his spouse and made it one of the first companies to merge a fragmentary market place and put chart reservations into the client's own hands. PrivateFly was a leading provider of private yacht chartering services. Today, the airline chartered services to 19 destinations, among them throughout Europe, China and the USA. If someone uses PrivateFly to search for a jet for a particular itinerary, he analyzes tens of thousand planes and draws all available flight choices up to a hundred times.

Flight research allows clients to view all flight option detail, as well as stern numbers, an operator's security assessment and the flight crews that will be on the plane. A manager in a large technology firm, Geoff Perfect had already flown private hired jetliners, usually to and from Lake Tahoe on the weekend before he began using Victor.

Prior to the emergence of this new breed of business, there were three ways for individuals to book a private jet. One was booking through a brokers, in a no transparency procedure that took weeks. And the second was through fractions of possession, where humans purchased a stake in an airplane and were given a certain amount of timeframe to use it each year (like a timeshare), such as NetJets.

The third was buying a pre-paid calling plan from a firm like FlexJet or Marquis (part of NetJets), beginning at $150,000 and burning the balance at a fixed rates per hour. This last April, Ubair started as the "fresh face of an old company," said CEO Justin Sullivan.

Ubair is an application that is equipped with an algorithms that allows humans to book an airplane immediately. The private jet operators can build their aircrafts into the Ubair system and the business will run, administer and service the aircrafts while at the same time earning a return for the operator.

A eight-seater Hawker 800 can make its holder 20,000 dollars a months in "free free money " in the Ubair system, said Sullivan. Alternatively, the owners can travel 12 to 15 free flights per months with Ubair - or a mixture of both. With private charters becoming more available and available, Sullivan sees a new population trend, 25-39 year old people with an annual revenue of over $500,000.

Petrossov puts it, private jet traffic is expanding from 0.1% to 1% - and he is hoping to expand it to 2%. Many find the conveniences, simplicity and comforts of private air transport attractive, and now, with more competitively priced, it is possible to imagine that they convince commercial and first-class pilots.

Twidell points out that it can indeed be less expensive to rent a single executive plane than it is to make a first-class trip with a corporate carrier. "JetSmarter's Petrossov said, "We want to proactively establish a trusted resource for travelers and prevent carriers from using it, so never again will anyone have to return.

" JetSmarter has also recently started a private weekend jet shuttleservice between NY and Miami, which will be expanded.

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