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Booking application for Private Jet

New Victor app makes comparing, booking and managing private jet charters easier and faster than ever before. With the mobile Android app from FlightTime you can search and book private jet flights comfortably from your device at cost price without brokers or middlemen. You have the option - and not only with regard to your goal.

Do you want to fly quickly and conveniently in a private jet? Now you can rent a private plane via a basic app! We are a private jet broker combining both. Everyone who needs to participate in global gatherings - whether for personal or commercial reasons - needs agility and predictability.

Imagine a fast one-way ticket from Paris to Nice, a round ticket from Geneva over the Swiss Alps or a multi-city journey from London via Amsterdam to Moscow: Whether your job is private or professional, your free travel is your investment - and your free travel is your valuable asset. Because of their low mass category and small footprint, private aircraft can operate at small aerodromes that are severely restricted geographically or structurally.

At any time you can take off your charters from a near aerodrome and get much nearer to your final destinations than with business air travel. Enjoyment of private space, convenience and maximum safety on your boat - and reduction of waiting periods from your first day on the boat to a bare minimum. Your passengers will be able to enjoy their stay from the moment they arrive until their departure. If you arrive too late your private jet will not take off without you.

As a rule, you can select from various different airplane models (e.g. Cessna, Ciaton X, Challenger 300, etc.) for the desired routes and directly reserve the flights on-line. Quotations for the available airplane classes silver, gold and platinum (e.g. Cessna Citation, Bombardier Challenger or similar from the chosen category) will be shown immediately.

Then you can immediately make a reservation for the private jet of your selection from the chosen private jet class at a flat rate. Sterling Silver contains 2 private jet categories: There are 4 private jet classes in gold: There are 4 private jet classes in platinum: Booking a private jet is a deliberate selection of an extraordinary and unique type of services.

To guarantee this level of quality, we co-ordinate extremely complicated logistical and technological procedures - on an individual basis and for each jet aircraft. Finally, our primary goal is to make you enjoy your stay and your well-being on your way home, during your flights and when you reach your final destinations.

Click on the cost links below to get details of the various articles on private jet travel. Private jet from Stuttgart to Vienna? Thank you for your request!

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