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Use 5 hints on how to tell when it's worth selling in the Southwest. To help you make great trips with little money, we dedicate tens of millions of hours of research. Here is our complete promotional policy. To help you make great trips with little money, we dedicate tens of millions of hours of research. Here is our complete promotional policy.

Southwest blogging Lyn at GotoTravelGal.com and has a free tutorial, "The Step-by-Step Guide to Earning of the Southwest Companion Pass", to help people who want to deserve what Emily and I believe is the best offer on trips, the Southwest Companion Pass.

Since she is following the southwest so carefully, I asked her to give her advise on how to know which sells in the southwest are good and which aren't, because the southwest has a great deal of them! Lyn: It seems Southwest has a sell at least every other weekend, but is it really a sell and are the rates really a good one?

Southwest is a place I observe almost every day, so I have a sharp eyes when I have determined what is and what is not good. I' ll present strategy for selecting the best Southwest tariffs! What Southwest Turnover Is Good Business? These are my top peaks to help you realize if a southwest sell is worth using those precious southwest points and your hard-earned cash.

If a Southwest Sales pattern keeps knowing the best way is to have an idea of what really is a good price from your home base to the destinations that you visit or that are on your wish list. Your best bet is to have a good overview of the locations that you are visiting or that are on your wish lists. Look up at least once a month to see how high the prize for "Points" and "Cash" is for these towns by using the Southwest Low Fare calendars.

Throughout the years you will get a sense of what the lowest rates are for your top destination and you will be able to tell whether Southwest offers you a real theft or just more of it. Whilst selling in the southwest often has very low fares for air travel between nearby towns, such as Indianapolis to Chicago or Dallas to Houston, this is not necessarily an indication of good business.

Most of these are quite inexpensive. Instead, pay attention to the longer -haul routes and not just the nearest town. Could you find a ticket of less than $79 or 4,000 points on the way to a location where you want to be? For example, from Indianapolis, my home base, we can find good sales under $59 or 3,500 Southwest Points to New York and Washington, DC.

If I see awards for those towns hitting that mark, I know I'll likely consider a decent sell. In order to find the price for a purchase, click on the Sales Promotion on the Southwest Tariff Sales page and then select your destination from the drop-down list to view the promoted rates.

A few Southwest sells are only for certain trip dates, such as the winters vacation, weekends, springs or summers. Make sure you review the selling information to see what airline data is included so you don't try to make a booking for a season pass during a season offer. You can also browse down the fares page to view your schedule of blackouts or weekday limitations.

So for example, many South West sellers rule out Friday and Sunday trips, making it difficult to schedule a budget week-end trip! A hallmark of a big South West outlet is that they will spend some big dollars on big TV ads. Around the Super Bowl last year there were a lot of advertisements in the south west promoting a "big sale".

" When you begin to see Southwest advertisements appearing during your favourite sports and television shows, go to Southwest.com and see what offers you can find. Some seasons are more suitable for good southwest selling. I found the best offers in November and December for 2016 trips in 2015.

In the past year, Southwest had good sales in early June with surprise low rates, and this year the months of January and February proved to be good rates. Hopper, a portable airfare prediction and analysis application, says that the October and January airline price averages have bottomed out for all carriers.

Summers are usually the poorest times for booking trips and offer the least amount of selling. It is my recommendation to make your flight reservations as early as possible, as you know that with Southwest you can always change or rebook your flight without penalties. Remember that if you are paying in hard currency, Southwest will only grant you a 1 year loan, as opposed to a full refund.

Southwest Points are added directly to your Southwest Rapid Rewards balance when you earn points, another benefit of earning points! Although the sales are not the best you have ever seen, it is always better to make a reservation during a sales than when there is no sales.

Although not at its cheapest level, they will be lower than on non-sales dates. Here, too, you can always make a reservation because you know that you can easily modify or withdraw your reservation if you get a better offer. South West has a bunch of sells! In order to find out if you should make a reservation during a southwest sale:

If you don't have fixed schedules or are unsure whether it is the best offer, you can still make a reservation and subsequently modify or revoke your ticket without penalties if the price falls or you alter your opinion. If you have other policies to find the lowest priced south west trips, let me know!

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