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Browder is famed as the man who founded robotic attorneys to get humans out of parkingticks. No matter how thrilling the traffic ticket may have been, he has now shaped larger topics. So why not simply ensure that travellers always get the lowest fare for airline ticketing or hotels by using robotics to find ingenious holes - which allow full refunds even on non-refundable ticketing and transfer the same flight to a lower fare automaticly?

And you can keep the money! Browder founded DoNotPay.com with his robotic attorney approach, which track air fares and possible regulatory lapses on a 5-second base. You may already know that ticketing rates vary all the time and can vary by as much as a hundred bucks. If you agree, our attorneys will do everything necessary to get you a cheap fare without any effort.

If you have purchased a non-refundable tickets, even if you have, it is possible that DonNotPay will find you an "out", cancel your more costly tickets for free and rebook a new, cheaper one. We will refund your genuine tickets so that you have the cost differential back in your bag. You just collate rates for the same tariff and change the booking - of course with your permission.

By approving the proposed modification (by text), DonNotPay will hold a new ticketing for you until the carrier declares its willingness to return the initial reservation to ensure you are saving cash on the transaction. DonNotPay uses IBM Watson that would never believe that the universal service is a "better" business than what you have posted, so you will never make less mileage or have fewer advantages than you initially posted.

Meteorological problems and the 24-hour rules are just two of the 70 such hiding places Browder and DoNotPay.com teams of robot attorneys use to get rid of costly tariffs for travel. They are so fortunate in what they do, they take the pecuniary risks of keeping your new tickets if they are unable to get you out of your old one.

As soon as you have registered and received your e-mail, all your bookings will be tracked where you can make savings. Following a several hundred user betas, DonNotPay was able to offer $450 per year on annual savings. It works for all ticket that touches the United States.

You can also use it for any ticketing from a US carrier to go abroad. NotPay. They will not reverse you and make changes without asking you. Your credentials will only be accepted by the Services with your consent to process a refund and issue new ticketing. Don't get anything from DonNotPay, don't get anything from you, we just think this technological evolution is astonishing - and $450 back in your bag is just great stuff for your ear.

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