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MacBook Air was the thinnest notebook computer ever launched. There are 3 ways to turn off the screen of your MacBook without closing the lid[OS X Tips]. When you use your MacBook with your computer's screens on, you may want to use it with the monitor turned off, but the cover will eventually open. They can do this with the cover closed, but with ever more efficient MacBooks out there, to avoid the warmth that could accumulate there, it's probably well worth getting out of the way, right?

If you exit the monitor with the monitor turned off, warmth will exit the Mac via the keypad, and the GPU will release all its energy to the outside monitor, helping you work with graphics-intensive application. It only works if your MacBook is plugged into an outside monitor, so get started there.

You will need to reboot your Macbook, but make sure it is plugged into this remote monitor - this will turn off your onscreen until you use the following commands to modify it again: Unintentionally disconnecting your MacBook from the monitor requires you to fidget with the stroller, which means you must hold Command-Option-P-R when rebooting.

Make sure your MacBook is connected for this device. Just click on one of the edges - it's up to you which. After selecting, open the adjacent submenu and select Set screen to sleep mode. Plug the remote screen into your MacBook, then move your cursor to the top edge.

You should only switch off the built-in indicator. Shut the cover of your MacBook and let it work for a few seconds. This way you can also use the turntable and keypad. Don't try this at home if you're worried about putting a magnets near your computer, and don't hold us responsible if you do and something funny happens.

However, be sure to plug in an outside keypad and computer mice first. Then find a little magnets from your refrigerator. Plug the outer panel into your MacBook, slip the magnets around the outer edge of the MacBook panel, and go to bed. After falling asleep, push any button on the attached remote keypad, and MacBook should appear only on the remote computer monitors.

Of course, this is more risky than just shutting and reopening the MacBook when it' s plugged into an outside screen, but this is not a good move in OS X Mountain Lion. Enjoy your thermal dissipation and get the most out of your graphic chips, and let us know what your favourite tip is in the commentaries.

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