Lowest Domestic Air Tickets

The lowest domestic flight tickets

No matter if you want a fast airfare to Hong Kong or a long-haul journey to London, our online travel comparator will show you the best offers for your China travel. Being one of the biggest nations in the globe, it is also worthwhile to travel to China by plane; there are cheap domestic air services to over 200 domestic locations.

And if you're unsure about your itinerary, don't worry - check the Cheapest Month section for the cheapest rates all year round. There are more than 200 Chinese tourist destinations; the most congested are Beijing (the second best destination in the world), Shanghai and Chengdu. China's 10 most important large international hubs are among them, all with more than 10 million passengers a year:

What airline companies operate from China? In recent years, a new range of low-cost airline companies has helped fuel the Chinese air transport market with West Air (an affiliate of Hainan Airlines) selling bargains on domestic services and Spring Air operating to neighboring East and Southeast Asian states. China's major airline companies such as Air China, China Southern and China Eastern are the ones looking for overseas destinations to Europe, America and Australia.

To where can you travel from China? Spend less travel and less cash with low cost domestic air travel to Hong Kong, Chengdu and Xi An, which can be less expensive if you travel from smaller local destinations such as Kunming. From Chinese aerodromes, travel further afield in Asia with one-way services to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Manilla (Philippines) and the quaint Okinawa Isle.

You will often find lower fares if you book connection from China to places like Delhi, Singapore and Jakarta. China's US and Canada operate global services to Vancouver, San Francisco, LA and New York, and you can even enjoy the islands of Hawaii directly from Shanghai Pudong Airport. Favourite flight from China to....

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