Taxi from Helsinki Airport

Taxis from Helsinki Airport

A taxi pool is available for the city centre. Get a cheap, private and professional taxi transfer service from Helsinki Airport now. Cheap and inexpensive Helsinki Airport Taxi. An automated taxi scheduling system at Helsinki Airport. To regulate the commercial vehicles that are allowed to serve the airport in order to ensure a high quality of customer service.

transportation to the city

Finnair operates both bus service and Finnair service in the terminal. Everyone will stop either before arriving at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Helsinki Central Station is about 30 min. away. From the airport you can reach the city centre of Helsinki in 30 min. Locate the tiers outside Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Airport Helsinki Taxi - Bus or taxi transfers from Helsinki Airport

Indeed, if you have a small group, it is often more economic to take a taxi - and it is definitely much more convenient. Hiking can be a very enjoyable alternative, but not in Helsinki season! You will find that driving a hot taxi from room to room is much more comfy.

In particular if you are flying to Helsinki Airport, which is about 20 kilometres from the Helsinki City Centre. Waiting for an airport coach to queue up with a dozen other passengers who are just as happy to come out of the freezing temperatures if you can be greeted on arrival by a chauffeur with a map and your name?

Naturally, a taxi is just as comfortable at any season of the year. However, for the best prices you must reserve in advanced. When you join the taxi stand waiting line, you end up having to pay more and can spend eternity waiting for a taxi to be available.

Well, the clever thing is to reserve your taxi before you depart your shelter. There' s nothing more cumbersome than not having enough cash for a taxi. It is possible to make an upfront payment at the time of reservation. They can also take advantage of the fact that you know that the fare for your trip will be set; you need not worry that you will be charged too much, as can sometimes be the case when you take a taxi at an airport.

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