6 Passenger Jet

Passenger aircraft 6

on asphalt on a sunny day with the passenger door open. Class 55 N135LR Exterior 1. The Learjet 55 N135LR inside seat. Easy, 6-8 passengers, up to 2,100. 400 XP Hawker Learjet 45 / 75.

Passenger private jet 6 - Hondajet

For many, having a private jet has always been a distant vision, but with the advent of the HondaJet, it may have become more accessible. The new Honda car manufacturer's products make jet aircraft only 3.65 million US dollar away. The jet, first heralded in 2005, goes into full operation and Honda accepts orders.

HondaJet seats up to 6 passenger and 2 member crews and is able to travel 1600 mile at over 450mph. Very slim, the jet has thrusters installed well above the wings to improve fuel economy and enhance cabins. The aircraft occupies an important recess between aircraft and Learjets, closing the gaps between them and brings the jet-setter way of life nearer.

Challengers 650

With our best-selling large aeroplane deck, we combine superior interiors with the best performance promise. A wide cab, global range and the very low cost of ownership make the Challenger 650 the first choise. Challenger 650's wings are engineered to give you a relaxing flying sensation. With the best fitted dashboard in its category and the Ka-Band high-speed connection available, you'll always be one step ahead.

The Challenger 650's industry-leading economy makes it the airplane of choice not only for commercial airline divisions but also for charters. The Challenger 650 with over 5 million flying hour has been engineered to provide security and tranquility. Biggest commercial jet engine with over 1,000 shipments and counts.

Check out the Challenger 650 aeroplane flyer and datasheet. Every facet of our cab has been meticulously engineered for an unparalleled personal jet viewing environment, from our distinctive metallic screen to the smart folding table. For work or leisure, the Challenger 650 lives up to its promise: first-class comforts.

Convenience in the broadest cab in its category is provided by handmade seatings that allow you to lean back, extend or recline. Challenger 650 is the only airplane in its category with room for up to 12 people. When all the chairs are full, a broader cab means there is still room for extra convenience.

Securely grab what you need when you need it. Your belongings are always within easy range thanks to permanent luggage room accessibility. Combining leading-edge technologies with meticulously designed interior spaces, our cabins are designed to meet the needs of your work. This results in an intuitively designed cab interior that is ideal for leisure and work. From now on, the world's quickest on-board connection* using Ka-band is available for the Challenger 650.

With our easy-to-use Cab entertaining system, you can plug in your own equipment and watch video and films on the segment's biggest High Def screens. Get an incomparable listening pleasure with crystal-clear clarity from built-in side-panel loudspeakers - exclusively for this category. Challenger 650 is ready for today's and tomorrow's navigation needs and provides the industry's most comprehensive basic functionality, which includes synthesized visual and multi-scan meteorological radars.

The Challenger 650 has the same features as the Proline Fusion on our Proline Fusion and is available with all the advanced technologies you need today and in the future. Challenger 650 has the lowest overhead costs in its category with affordability and longer service life than the competitive range.

The Challenger 650 comes with a number of premier functions as part of the package and a higher level of basic specification than the competitors. Challenger 650's kitchen has enough room for the 12-passenger meals to be prepared and stored. The basic configuration comprises high-temperature and microwaves stoves, a large sinks with warm and chill running and cooling rooms.

Featuring an ultra-smooth flight, the Challenger 650's wings are designed to ensure you reach your goal fresh and serene. Challenger 650 offers superior dependability with more system redundancy than any other competitor. The Challenger 650 can reach London City Airport with its vertical glide certificate.

1. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area. 1. From the dashboard to the stern of most cabins without luggage area. Information herein does not represent an offering, promise, promise, assurance, warranties or representations of any kind, and the configurations and performances of any airplane are set forth in a definitive sales contract.

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