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Cheapest price private jet

Possessing a private jet may seem like the preserve of the rich, but the least expensive private jet might come as a shock. Possessing a private jet may seem like the preserve of the rich, but the least priced private jet might come as a shock. No matter whether you're buying for a small, medium or large jet - or just strolling through windows - the best value private jet can be a small part of the price of the most pricey.

We have the lowest priced private jet in each class liste. One of the least expensive private jets is the small but powerful Cirrus Vision Jet for $1.96 million. Vision Jet is the world's first private jet propelled by a Williams International FJ33-5A turboprop that generates 1,800 lbs of thruster. Vision Jet is capable of driving at 345 km/h at a max height of 28,000 ft.

Because of its 4 foot high and 5 foot broad dimensions, the cab is quite roomy, with large window areas and seats for up to five adult and two child occupants. When the Vision Jet is a little cramped, you can buy a new Cessna Citation CJ3+ for $8 million. On the Citation CJ3+, the max cruising distance is 2,040 sea mile and the baggage allowance is 1,000lb.

Robb Report selected the Cessna Citation CJ3 as "Best of the Best" in the 2011 Best of the Best Jet Award. This Cessna Citation XLS+ is a very flexible airplane, which delivers top performances on short- and long-haul routes. It is the widest cab in its size range with a width of 5 ft 6 inch, a height of 5 ft 8 inch and a length of 18 ft 6 inch with fully tiltable full grain hidechairs, folding table, up to nine passenger seat and dining pan.

Cessna' doing it again. Your efficient Cessna Citation Sovereign+ is the most affordably priced premium mid-range jet available today for $17.9 million. From Bangkok to Dubai, travellers can travel non-stop with a max outreach of 3,200 sea mile. Sovereign X+ is known for its outstanding take-off and landing capabilities with the fastest take-off of any private jet in its category.

Embraer 650E seats 12-13 people in three distinct cabins, allowing them to work while others are sleeping or sitting.

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