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We have chosen this date because it is the cheapest in the calendar. <font color="#ffff00">CIRCLE PACIFIC FARES, TICKETS & DISCOUNTS.

You can travel with SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets. Looking for cheap multi-city or world flights? This way you know where to buy the cheapest Round the World tickets. Now we have something else: an offer for SkyTeam air tickets around the world.

Delta's SkyTeam is offering the possibility to sell Round the World tickets.

The SkyTeam Delta Air Lines alliances offer Round the World fare sales. Globally, the Group offers a 15 per cent discount on world travel bookings made by 31 March 2017. Travel may involve travel on any of the 20 SkyTeam member carriers, of which Delta is a member. SkyTeam's website features a world travel scheduling toolset that includes three to 15 stations over a year.

Additional choices include thematic routes around the world, which include seaside holidays, cultural and historical tours, world metropolises, nature and world wine. A route from Atlanta to Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and back to Atlanta has an estimate of $3,903 for an economic travel pass, according to the travel planning utility.

Travelling worldwide on Discount Airlines

Someday I noticed how many inexpensive long-haul there are. Norway and World Air open US to European departures for $149. They flew to Europe, which they halted, but they still operated SE Asia to Australia for about $100. There are also really low cost airfares within Europe and Asia.

I' ll wager I could put together a trip around the world fare for some roundtrips. For 573 dollars I was able to put together a series of flight tickets to Europe, Asia and Australia. And then I realised that one-way trips from Australia and New Zealand to the USA are much less expensive than trips in the other directions.

What's crazier is how much less expensive it is to fly to most South Asian destination. Nevertheless, I will sketch below how I can get to Kuala Lumpur with various airline companies for 212 dollars. In other words, by putting together cheap tickets you can get a one-way fare to Bali (with stops in Europe and Asia) for 469 US dollars... that's less than half of 1,300 US dollars.

I definitely take "the long way" to Asia, but only because Swiss Mail is all about making a world pass. I' m sure it can be made much cheap. Briefly, I think that local air services and airline companies are overrated. ~$100, and yet 6-hour cross-Atlantic travel is $600 on many carriers.

Fuelsurcharges in my latest British Airways Avios Round-the-World travel concept could total up. Still I think there's a lot of value in Avios, like you could get from the latest BA cards bonuses to 26 one-way streets inland.... but I think there's a good point. How about if I could do everything for really low without points?

Arriving in Europe with low cost carriers flying across the Atlantic can be quite inexpensive. Believe it or not, I am able to find tonnes of low cost airfares from Europe to various destinations in the Middle East. It then seemed that the journey to East Asia was a little more costly, so I tried to find out how to get there halfway.

From CMB, East Asia is less than $100. From Europe via the Middle East to Sri Lanka to Southeast Asia for 200 to 300 dollars. At Air Asia, we made big deals to get Australians to celebrate in SE Asia. So, for a little over $100, it's an 8+ hours ride.

Rather than selecting only the lowest price in a diary, I chose to make a current 6-week world tour. Note that all tickets up to Sydney cost only $573. This is Boston - Paris - Budapest - Dubai - Sri Lanka - Kuala Lumpur - Sydney for $573!

This is less than half the costs and more than half the flight costs. It' s a scam, I know, but with mileage to get back from Sydney or Hawaii, you could be saving so much time. Pick up a chase map, send your points to Singapore, and you can return from Hawaii for 17,500 mile.

Much better than $300 to pay half the costs of all other air travel. Look at the lowest odds of a mile to Hawaii. Actually, I think the mile back would be a murderer combination, but not the post's point. However, if you had taken 40,000 Alaska mileage, you could have flown from Australia/New Zealand to the USA with a Fiji stop ( with Fiji Airways).

Yes, Alaska allows stops on one-way trips. This would take you to a journey that is Paris, Budapest, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, all for 573 dollars (based on my prices, but it could be cheaper). Then you can go back to Fiji with 40,000 Alaska mileage and, oh yes, a layover.

That' a big part of the world for $573 and 40,000 Alaska miles. Within Europe low cost airline travel can be very low cost. Even the Sofia, Bulgaria to Dubai flight was actually less expensive than the Budapest flight. From Dubai to Muscat, Oman, it' s only $38, and Muscat is really cute.

AirAsia services within SE Asia can be very inexpensive. Really, I think the value of these intra-European and intra-Asian trips is underestimated. Even if you use mileage to Europe or United Points for a stop in Europe on your way to Asia... you could be traveling on very low cost domestic air services within the area.

I' ve been talking a little about discount carriers, but in a nutshell, just use Not only does it search for budget carriers, it is also very versatile in its search. Regarding the search for low cost low cost airline tickets, it is the best. Really, I think it's possible to create an unbelievable world tour route that offers only low cost flight for under $1,500.

$1,200 is a bunch of cash, but realise that this is about how much a return trip to Bali will cost most of your fellow travellers anyway. When you have enough spare air, you can travel all over the world and choose the best Air Asia airfare to Bali. Again, the addition of low cost airlines within Asia and Europe will not greatly increase the prices.

Whilst cheap tickets are those that come back from Australia, I think the best value is to replace that with a miletrip. You can earn enough AA or United mileage to fly from Australia to the USA with a single credit card. If so, with 40,000 Alaska Kilometres you can make a return trip from Sydney with a short break (as long as you want) in Fiji.

That' fantastic, and all for $600, plus the 40,000 Alaska miles.

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