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Explore the Citation V Jet for private flight rental. Climb higher and charter a Citation V Jet. Privatjet -Charter | Rental | Cessna C750 Citation Winter Games Winter Games Winter Games X

This is the quickest privat plane on the charter world. Really the Citation will be the quickest mid-size commercial aircraft on the water. He' s speeding at 0.90 Mach, just below the velocity of sonic. Default seat configuration includes eight headrests ( large, ultra comfort full-couch seats) and a fully fitted kitchen.

There is a large enough bath room to serve as a changing room on the back of the plane and a large enough wardrobe to stow clothes is within easy range.

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This Cessna Citation offers a high level of personal jets service that stands out in the lighter part. Designed in response to the increasing need for more cabins for those using personal jets, the luxurious Cessna Citation 5 (and later the Citation Ultra) was designed to provide a more spacious passenger compartment for those using personal jets. On the Citation II, the Citation II is a straight model that offers 406 ft cab and a further 67 ft for mounting.

The charter aircraft also has a closed cab interior and a cruising distance of 1,961 mph. Usually the Citation C has the capability to accommodate up to eight people. It is a sustainable example of Cessna's capability to continuously develop an established cell into a market-leading working horse.

Built on the hugely-loved Citation II, which went into mass production in 1977, the Citation took the lead in the later 1980s and continued in the 1990s. There are several important improvements compared to the Citation II: The Citation II has become known in the personal jets business for its simple operation and extremely long life.

The Citation V also integrates the right balance of power, reach, speed versatility and endurance in Cessna. The Cessna also succeeded in integrating a number of interiors into the Citation V so that it would stay pertinent in the ever-changing environment of luxurious personal jets. Interested in booking your best charter flights?

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