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International private jet travel

Today BAJ for ultimate luxury travel comfort. Anyone who travels to another country must cooperate with the customs authorities. Privatjet International Travel We provide first rate international private charters to a variety of locations around the word. No matter whether you fly with a small or large group, for professional or fun reasons, we can meet your needs and provide you with an extraordinary level of services that goes beyond the other. In order to make your reservation, just get in touch with our staff and let us know your preferred travel date and location.

We' ll help you with all the detail from there, plus custom clearance, dining facilities, Wi-Fi and more. Find out more about where we are flying, as well as our various international destinations, by calling us at (844) 870-9509. It is our aim to make your international charters a smooth experience from beginning to end.

This is recommended when making a reservation for your private international charters: For the most part, we are able to make international travel preparations within 24-48 hrs or even the same workday. Since we are an on-demand private jet charters firm, we often find that our customers make their international reservations about a fortnight in advance.

Although we suggest that you get there about half an hours before departure, we are aware that there may be a delay. No matter if you travel with a small group of friends, several partners or even as part of a collegial group, we are looking forward to fulfilling your wishes.

Our focus is on convenience and security and we take care of all the detail - such as traditions and routes - so you can just lean back and quiet.

Are private planes going through customs?

"I got five passes, I'll never go to jail," knocked Jay-Z on his hits Otis. Okay, so maybe he doesn't go to prison, but does the Jay-Z private jet holder have to pass duty when he travels to a new land in his own airplane? Even though giving out enough batter for a private jet allows you to avoid many of the discomforts of today's flight next to a crying kid, it is not negotiated to take care of the upside-down container and wait at the door to duty.

Anyone travelling to another county must work with the custom authorities. Good thing, when you go private, they come to you. Irrespective of your private airline status, you must go through custom when travelling to another state. Whether you return to your own land does not make any difference.

If, for example, you are traveling to the United States from another state, there are ports of entry in each state. One private jet from Rome to New York is no different. More than 300 of these places are in the USA and if you come from an international travel place then you have to stop at one of them.

But in most cases you can be sure that the custom officers will get on your aircraft after landing. Justin Bieber even learnt his lessons after he flew from his home country Canada to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. In the jet, when the custom officers smelt pot, they alarmed the police and took drug-sniffing hounds with them.

In summary, while private aircraft provide much liberty and comfort, they do not release them from routinely being subject to controls by custom authorities.

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