Macbook Air new Model

New Macbook Air model

MacBook Air comes with eighth generation CPU (report) Apple's ageing MacBook Air could soon be updated. By the end of 2018, the corporation will introduce a new, low-cost notebook with Intel's latest Kaby Lake 8th-generation processor, according to a new review. Sourced from the Taiwanese business newspaper Economic Daily News and compiled by MacRumors, the article indicates that the updated Core range will feature Core 5 and Core 7 products with 1.6 and 1.9 gigahertz clocks, respectively.

That would be a significant advance over the 5th-generation Intel processor in the latest MacBook Air and 7th-generation chip in the 12-inch MacBook. MacBook Air is not mentioned by name in the article, but it suggests that the MacBook Air will have a 13-inch retina screen and a start cost of less than $1,000 - two features Apple's smallest notebook is known for.

Whilst Apple's next inexpensive MacBook could be a big leap ahead of the latest Air, it could also hide behind the rival. Intel's Kaby Lake processor will be a year old this autumn, and Intel's more capable Whiskey Lake processor could find its way to new laptop computers when the new MacBook Air comes onto the market.

As Apple's September upcoming Apple is likely to be one of the new iPhones, the company's next Macs are due to appear in October at a special show featuring an updated 12-inch MacBook, a new Mac Mini, and the new MacBook Air. {\pos (192,210)}This tale initially came out on Laptop Mag.

apple could use kaby lake processor in 2018 MacBook Air Fresh Air Review

According to a Taiwanese review, Apple could use the eighth-grade Kaby Lake processor in the mid-range MacBook or MacBook Air model before the end of this year, and Apple thought it would use last year's legacy processor instead of newer versions due to deployment problems. An Economic Daily News article points out that an arriving 13-inch APLE laptop may ship more slowly than originally expected as Apple has decided to use the updated Kaby Lake processor.

Presumably, the reason for the ruling was due to possible cool down problems with newer processors and Intel's continuing delay in manufacturing newer processors. Apple is said to have been interested in using 10-nanometer Cannon Lake chip in the Macbook, but another shift left Apple with little option but to use the older 14-nanometer Kaby Lake version.

The computer to which the item relates is not clear, as it contains a reference to a "13-inch MacBook". MacBook Line has a 12-inch screen, while MacBook Air has a 13-inch screen. From these two, it's more likely it's the MacBook Air if the 13-inch screen differentiation is exact. Although not Cannon Lake, the move to Kaby Lake should give the MacBook Air line a push, as it is currently equipped with Core 5 and Core 7 fifth processor generations.

For some time, there has been talk of a more cost-effective MacBook Air upgrade, with preliminary proposals pointing to a significant missing upgrade for the line in the second half of 2018. It' s anticipated that the new model pricing will equal or slightly exceed the start pricing of the latest MacBook Air generations of $999 for a 128GB memory model.

This model's main characteristic is a speculative leap in refresh rate for the LCD, from 1,440 x 900 pixel in the latest version to a retina-style 2,560 x 1,600 pixel LG-made monitor, possibly from the LG.

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