Around the World Ticket Price Comparison

Ticket price comparison around the world

In general, the best time to leave is between April and mid-June. So what's the cheapest option? Or the cheapest honeymoon ever, but think of the experience. That's the big question for many globetrotters.

Purchase of a circumnavigation ticket: the entire tour leader

Do you dream of a world tour? Here you'll find everything you need to know to make a multi-city booking, how to get to know carrier alliance, and information about the carriers that have the best ticket around the world. Travelling around the world with a shoelace, you'll find everything you need to know here:

  • How much does it take to get around the world? - How long would it take to tour the world? - How many stations can I make with a round-the-world ticket? - What are the Star Alliance member carriers? Pricing at the date of release is accurate but could be changed and/or available.

Which is a circumnavigation ticket? An RTW (Round the World) ticket is a ticket that allows you to take several stations in different counties during your trip (usually with several different operators). Specific airline ticket releases are usually made through so-called airline agreements, and each airline agreement is linked to a number of different airline companies, so the available routes change for each ticket.

Where can I buy a World Ticket? We have three major coalitions offering door-to-door ticket services: and SkyTeam. Here is a listing of their parcels, plus information from other alliance partners that might provide a better range of flights for your travelling needs: What does it take to get around the world?

A lot of airline partnerships do not involve major low-fares carriers (such as Air Arabia or Ryanair), so it might be less expensive to make bookings for individual flight if you are looking for the lowest price round of the ticket. Beware of expensive last-minute fares or luggage fees (especially if you choose low-cost airlines).

What is the maximum number of stations I can make with a round-the-world ticket? When you choose to make a booking with an ally, read the list above to find out how many stations you can make with the world ticket of each ally. While some are organised on a kilometre number, others vary depending on the number of stations you want to make and where you want to make them.

For how long would it take to travel the world? Except when you flew in a glider that didn't need refueling (in which case it would probably take about 50 hours!), it can take as long or as long as you want. The majority of world wide travel passes are available for one year and it is important that you consider whether to begin and end at the same location or whether it is convenient.

Is it possible to modify my travels while travelling around the world? Certain alliance agreements allow you to modify your air dates during the free trip, while others levy a penalty for each modification. Before making any decision, make sure you contact the airline companies and alliance partners. May I purchase additional mileage for my ticket?

When your travels exceed the number of points permitted on your RTW ticket, you have a number of options: purchase additional points or choose another ticket to continue your travels around the world. When you have a clue that you may want more flexible on your travels, the later may be your best option!

What is the best travelling season? Ticket fares worldwide are generally more constant than for aircraft seating, which is more prone to price volatility throughout the year. When you want the lowest cost ticket around the world, the best departure is usually between the end of April and mid-June.

Is there a restriction on my ticket? Depending on the type of ticket you have purchased. Must I contact the carriers directly? However, if you wish to find out about the luggage regulations or limitations that apply to the carrier, yes, but for reservations or requests, we recommend that you go to Allianz first.

In order to conclude your journey with more than a few stations, you will use different airlines, and therefore airlines have formed coalitions. Allianz advisors can provide answers to many of your queries and provide you with a variety of opportunities. Are you always looking for clever travelling advice?

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