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MVMAT "AIR-TAXI" colors) Preparation for boards. The Maldivian Air Taxi (MAT) was a national airline in the Maldives and was one of the biggest floatplane companies in the whole word, flying over 500 times a day in high time. MAT started in November 1993 with two planes and expanded in immediate reaction to the opening of redeveloped resort facilities that required transportation of seaplanes for their visitors.

The Blackstone Group, an US equities investment firm, in 2013 announces that it will acquire both MAT and its competitor Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA). 1] A fusion has been initiated and a new entity has been formed to retain the name Trans Maldivian Airways and the colors of MAT. The Maldivian Air Taxi portfolio comprised the following aircrafts at the date of the December 2010 amalgamation.

Male Divian Air Taxi had already announced that it was planning to substitute all its DHC-6-100/-200/-200/-300's with the new -400 range from Viking Air. Negrostone announces the acquisition of majority stakes in Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways. Commons Wikimedia has created news related to Maledivian Air Taxi. Maldives is a stump.

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The Maldivian Air Taxi, one of the biggest floatplane companies in the whole wide range, has been in service since 1993. In the Maldives, the company has a 16 to 22 Twin Ocean aircraft fleets, according to the seasons. A 3-hour video guide that will take you on 15 flight missions where you can see the pilot at work, along with some of the most stunning tropical islands in the globe.

You will be taken on a guided flight inside and outside the Twin Otter by the airline's chief pilot, who will show you the specific gear used for certain flight types, and as a extra benefit we have recorded 2 air-to-air shots of another Maldivian TaxiTwin Otter. It is a great programme about the Twin Otters in the Maldives.

Landscape is beautiful and many isles can be seen in the itinerary. The Twin Otter's STOL performances, shown throughout the entire film, are astonishing.

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