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With the private plane around the world: Round the globe tours 2018

Accompany archeologists on Easter Island to investigate ancient mysteries of moai and immerse yourself in the island's famous cultur. Travel comfortably in a private plane and see legends from Machu Picchu and Tibet to the Taj Mahal and Marrakech. See nature miracles like the Great Barrier Reef, the Serengeti Plain and the Samoa Islands paradise.

Accommodation:The Hay-Adams, Washington, D.C. This breakfast our private plane brings us to Lima, where we take a regional plane to Cusco (11,200 feet). Discover the impressive Plaza de Armas in the impressive Catholic Church, widely regarded as one of the best blends of Hispanic Renaissance and Inca stone carving.

Take a scenic plane from Cusco to Lima after your morning is over. When you arrive, please register at our hostel and eat your meal. Later in the day you can either stay at the Huaca Huallamarca Inn or go to Huaca Huallamarca, an old and well-preserved clay palace and an old school. At night you will be taken to a tradition site where you will be treated to a feast supper and a Paso show.

Stay with the North Peru options, eat your morning break at the hostel and then discover the Casa de Aliaga, a sixteenth centuries villa. Afterwards you will go to the Larco Herrera Museum. Later in the day you will have your luncheon and meet again with the Cusco visitors at our guesthouse. Take a flight to Easter Island, 2,300 nautical miles off the Chilean coastline.

Surrounded by mystical, monumental rock sculptures named Molai, the isle is an open-air exhibition of the remains of a civilization that has been destroyed. Ever since the Europeans first saw the isle on Easter Sunday 1722, it has been the object of discussion. If so, you' ll be able to experience a great show from the Kari Kari Kari Rapa Nui group.

Starting from Easter Egg, we proceed across the Pacific Ocean and cross the date line. Known for its warm welcome, tradition of ceremony and strong community traditions (known as fa'a Samoa, or "the Samoan Way"), this wonderful archipelago is a place where you can experience a wide variety of activities. You will be able to experience a colourful spectacle of Samoan dancing and singing.

Discover the Great Barrier Reef, the biggest known sea floor and home to an extraordinary diversity of sea mammals. Take a private plane to Siem Reap, our centre for exploration of Angkor, the old Khmer Empire. In Angkor Thom you discover the Bayon temple and the terrace of the Elephant.

Head to the near swimming village of Tonle Sap Sea (if sea conditions permit) or visit the Ta Prohm shrine, which is still entangled in the thick root of the banays. At night, indulge in an exquisite dinner event with dancing demonstrations on the premises of a splendid sanctuary.

Rather than Angkor Wat, you' ll discover the abandoned jungles of Beng Mea Lea (if sea level permits), one of the Khmer's biggest shrines, and the rusty ninth-century Hariharalaya shrine which is the Khmer Empire's first Khmer empire capitol about 300 years ahead of Angkor Wat. Take a private plane to Cathmandu and see the mediaeval Bhaktapur, once a princely town, whose breathtaking plazas, buildings and plazas still fascinate today.

You will then be able to relax for supper and a midnight break before leaving for Tibet. Take a scenic plane to Lhasa, the capitol of Tibet, which is situated on one of the highest plateaux in the wide area. Join the Jokhang Temple, the region's oldest and most venerated temple, and discover the colourful Tibetian marketplaces known for their fine ornamentation, carpets, sacred painting and carving.

They can also go to the Tibet Museum or a monastery. Rather than explore Lhasa, you' ll explore the World Heritage-listed Pashupatinath Temple on the edge of Kathmandu. Climb on a scenic plane to Chitwan National Park, one of Asia's most important nature conservation areas. They can also go to a nearby town, take a ride in a river boat along the Rapti River or take a walking tour through the woods.

Party with a Nepalese barbeque diner and a dancing show. Back to Kathmandu with the sightseeing plane and further with the private plane to Agra. After lunch you can discover the impressive Red Sandstein Fort of Agra, where the Mughal kings used to live in splendour. "Join a group of locals and go to one of the schools.

Rather than visit the Taj Mahal, you' ll discover Fatehpur Sikri, the monumental architectonic feat of Kaiser Akbar, an intriguing sandy stone town, which was the Mogul capitol from 1572 to 1585. Wander through well-preserved gazebos, patios, tombs as well as galleries - above all the private accommodations of the Kaiser, a "Palace of Dreams" lavishly adorned with persian calendar and mural paintings.

Take a private plane to Kilimanjaro International Airport and change to a smaller plane for the Serengeti National Park outing. Serengeti means "extended place" in the Maasai vernacular - a fitting name for this huge nature reserve, one of the most intricate and least troubled eco-systems on earth.

Watch the stunning cliff formations known as the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and savour a delicious menu traditionally served by Bedouin people. Take a private plane to Marrakech, where we will discover this legendary town, situated in an old Berber village surrounded by oases of trees and olives.

Dive into the luxuriant blue-green Majorelle Garden heaven, a charming blend of Morrocan tradition, Muslim arts and artefacts, rarely seen flora from five continents and Northern bird life. Our last night you will be celebrating our adventures at a parting dinner with local music. Come to a Berber town, drink a cup of coffee with a local eldest and his wife and eat a tasty barbecue.

Upon your return, you can either catch your scheduled home plane or, if you wish, we can offer free accommodation at the Hyatt Dulles Airport Hotel for the entire night. Our hotel is located in the heart of Washington, D.C., and has a private landing. Free overnight stays at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport Hotel for one overnight stay are available for January, March and December flights ending in Orlando.

All expeditions are accompanied by a first-class expert crew to help you learn and understand and to make every goal come alive. Designed for only 75 passengers, our aircraft offers spacious seats and outstanding accessibility to professionals and employees using an audiovisual system for informational briefings and presentations.

Everyday activity, trips, options as well as specific incidents as indicated in the route; enhancement programme includes presentations by a specialist group.

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