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Reviews of My Taxi App? - Visit Rome Forums Reviews of My Taxi App? MyTaxi was used in Rome in November and with one exeption I had very good experience. Helping me to get a trip the evening before I needed to collect my early Vatican entrance cards early in the day was also a great help.

Reservation is that I once pre-ordered a taxi to collect me at a certain point in the day and place. In the end I took a Uber Black because I had to return to my flat faster than allowed by local transport. On this basis, I would suggest MyTaxi as your first option, but have it available for all cases.

Also I wouldn't use it for something extra timesensitive (like your trip to the airport).

Avoiding being attacked by a taxi in Rome.

I' m done with the cabs at Ciampino International Station. I' ve already wrote about how much a taxi from the airports to Rome should cost: How do I know? Cause it' REALLY in Writing over the taxi doors. However, there is a group of chauffeurs at the entry of Ciampino International Park who try to ask for at least 40 euros to take you to Rome.

It makes me so furious, because what a way to bring Rome closer to the humans - to rob them from the beginning. So here are a few things you should know about taking a taxi in Rome, not only from the airports, but also in the city: Offical Roman cabs are whitish and have a Roma Capitale emblem with the taxi number clearly marked on the front doorstep.

Well, let's concentrate on how to prevent being cheated by the cabs: Prices from the airport to Rome and back are fixed. When you live outside the ramparts, use the measuring device instead. Each taxi has a taxi sign on the back of the cabin and in the backoor.

Sometimes they do, but it's best to find a taxi stand. Entering the cabin at a taxi stand also saves you moneys. When you call a taxi, the counter begins from wherever the taxi is coming from. It' s a silly system, because the taxi comes with an extension that is already on, but that is Rome and that is how it works.

In the daytime the counter begins at 3,25 ?. After 22 o'clock at night the start price at the counter is doubled to 6,50 ?. At the Ciampino International Taxi Terminal there is free Wi-Fi, so you can get on and use the app to call a taxi when no taxi is available. Talking of applications, Rome has Uber Black and I use it on occasion.

As I recall, the cost to reach us at Flughafen Faticino is about 65 euros. You should consider Welcome Pick-ups for another alternative way of transferring to the city. The Welcome pick-ups charge the same as a taxi but have a chauffeur who waits for you.

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