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Gen-enabled Airstair API winglets are supplied with the aircraft: The Boeing Business Jet Jets for sale are now available. Participation in the Boeing BBJ component exchange program. DESING BOING BUSINESS JET BOB BOB BOB FOR SALE! The Boeing BBJ is offered for sale by aircraft brokers around the world.

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Beverly Hills Jet has become the industry benchmark for businesses. Having direct entrance to an open plan practice, a master suite and a meeting room will make you look like you are in your own home practice. When you are looking for a company aircraft for your company, browse our comprehensive listing of available for sale aircraft to find one that suits your needs.

In 2018, four new orders in terms of revenue from commercial jets

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), today announcing at "Ebace", received four new orders in 2018 from select clients who favoured these long-haul and ultra-large cabins, as confirmed today at the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition ("EBACE"). New orders this year come after a good year in 2017, when clients bought 16 BMJs.

Sale of business aircraft

The sale of a large business aircraft demands a deep insight into what the aircraft offers and demands on the markets, type-specific expertise in the aircraft to be flown and, above all, outstanding connectivity and insight into the expectation of sellers and buyers in a highly specialised industry. And the bigger the company plane, the more critically these capabilities become.

Such a tailor-made solution requires a real-time perception of the markets. It is important that we understand how the aircraft we sell will compare to others on the aircraft markets; what distinguishes our particular aircraft and how it can be improved or altered to make it easier to sell. Large business jets often have few options, so the performance promise must be presented very clearly to prospective purchasers.

When selling large business jets, it is not a question of posting an ad, sending a specifications page and quoting the quoted cost. A number of different determinants influence the aircraft's fair value - including cosmetics and engineering conditions, specifications, maintenance histories, operating cost, base offer andemand. At Kestrel, we have the expertise and expertise in selling large business jets to communicate these issues to purchasers and vendors and align their individual needs.

Recent sales of the world's first Boeing BBJ 787 confirm Kestrel's exceptional capabilities. There is a wide variety of markets for business jets. Turmfalke concentrates primarily on the upper end of this niche only. Our company specialises in the sale of long-haul company aircraft with more than 15 seat capacity, in particular Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft.

Mr. Kestrel has in-depth understanding of these aircraft models from a technological and business point of view for prospective purchasers.

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