Cab for 9 People

Cabin for 9 persons

Or, if you feel that you don't need something that big, you can opt for our 6- or 7-seater passenger car. minibus rental with 8 or 9 seats When you are looking for a bigger car, we suggest our 8- or 9-seater coaches. Or, if you have the feeling that you don't need something that big, you can opt for our 6- or 7-seater passenger car. This is the best choice for you if you are traveling with a large group of up to 9 people.

When you need room instead of seating for more baggage, freight items, you will also find a choice of mini vans on our website that better suit your needs. What time do you have to rent a nine seat? Renting a 9-seat mini van is a standard practise for many riders, especially when we think about Christmas time.

The best choice in many cases is to rent a 9-seater mini van. Traveling with your buddies, with or without your own families is a good example. When a group of buddies can all go together, split the cost and comfortably ride, why bother with using local transportation? If you can cut your cost and go on one journey, why pay more with two automobiles?

Now the best way to enjoy an unbelievable drive, free when and where you want, is to rent a large 9-seater vehicle. Which are the benefits of a 9-seater mini van? When you want to go on a voyage where convenience and lightness are of the essence, the best option is to rent a 9-seater mini van, especially if you're undertaking a long voyage with your loved ones.

With our roomy mini vans, you can make the most of your vacation.

Exactly how many people can ride in an OLA prime SUV without a chauffeur?

The seat layout in all above mentioned vehicles is quite the same. This makes it 6 or 7 people in the vehicle, without the chauffeur, which vary depending on the vehicle model. Provided 6 members that kids sit in the last rows because it is too awkward in the third rows, provided the vehicle is not the new Mercedes Benz GLS.

No less than 6. some cabins like XYLO have 7+1 seats, you can put another one with the consent of the chauffeur.

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