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The New York Magazine

The New York Journal was founded in 1968 after a run as a supplement to the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a name for itself as a trustworthy source for readership throughout the state. Featuring award-winning texts and photographs that cover everything from political and dining to theatre and fashions, the magazine's consequent goal was to return the city's own enthusiasm and power to its audiences and celebrate New York as a place and concept.

Prisoner audience: Telecommunications industry and monopoly power in the new golden age - Susan P. Crawford

The United States was at the top of the online evolution ten years ago. At some of the world's highest rates and cheapest rates for high-speed Web connectivity, the country has been able to take overall leadership in the new knowledge-based economies. Now, this overall competitiveness edge has virtually disappeared because a string of governments' choices and resulting sovereign power have enabled tens of nations, Japan and South Korea among them, to overtake us in both the pace and cost of bandwidth.

Not only does this constant regression deprive the consumer of the essential service they need in a highly-competitive employment and commercial environment, it also jeopardises the country's commercial prospects. Susan Crawford's important paper examines why Americans pay much more today but get much less when it comes to fast web browsing.

With the Comcast and NBC Universal fusion in 2011 as a objective in Crawford' s eyes, we are investigating how we established the largest single market since Standard Oil dissolved a hundred years ago. Read this to get to the heart of how telecom antitrust policy has affected consumers' everyday life and America's overall economy.

Subtitles: Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, TX

Swivelling view of Austin Hall, another edifice on Campus, and a Sam Houston sculpture. A night at Jacques' house! The Entrepreneurship Program of Sam Houston State is the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence to invite Jim McIngvale to join the Sam Houston State Campsite Fellowship and tell his stories to the world. Deladline to dropping 7 1/2 (A) weeks of fall courses or labs with a "Q" note note:

  • If you are a student after this date, you will not be allowed to cancel a 7 1/2 (A) weeks course - you will.....

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