The Institute of Company Secretary

Institute of the Company Secretary

ICSI, the Institute of Company Secretary of India, conducts courses and organizes the training of students. ICSI (Institute of Company Secretary of India) has published the final result for the CS Executive and Professional Program. Employer Reviews for The Institute of Company Secretaries of India

The ICSI is a leading institute that provides in-depth information on issues of business governance. The program is designed to prepare pupils to meet the challenge of an ever-changing business world. ICSI's highly trained staff has a sound understanding of company law to ensure that all applicable legislation and requirements are met.

Nothing I know. Makes the course materials more exciting and interesting so that the pupils don't run out of juice.

Which is the location of the Institute of Company Secretary of India?

Headquartered on Lodhi Road, New Delhi and with four representative councils in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai, ICSI also has a significant number of branches in various towns. Which should I select, a company, a secretary or an MPSC? Cram, the company ICSI, is studying materials? Has the ICSI company secretary been recognized in Europe?

Well, how can a secretary go through for a physical guy at a shindig? What are the good names in Zurat for an intern of the company secretary? How large are the numbers of female ICSI professional secretaires in European states? What is the process for admitting a secretary after studying in India? What do I do to get each CS (Company Secretary) tray at ICSI ready for the formation layer (December attempt)?

Which is the mean and highest pay available in the ISCI/CS placements programs organized by the Institute of Enterprises Secretary of India? For what is ICSI used? What lawyers' offices or businesses are currently recruiting lawyers and CS alumni? Are there any prerequisites for running a personnel company in India?

At the moment I am doing CS from ICSI (Institute of Company Secretary of India). Under the CS Act 1980, what rules give ICSI the authority to govern the results?

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