Mini Planes for Sale

Mini-aircrafts for sale

R/C planes offer the freedom and relaxation of flying without ever taking your feet off the ground. Mini and Micro-Radio Maybe an RC Micro or Mini airplane would meet your needs as an air enthusiast. Typically, our beloved micro and mini classes of smaller airplanes have spans of less than 24 inch. Its small dimensions, lightness and low costs make it ideal for newcomers who want to enjoy outdoor flying with little to no winds.

Its advantage of smaller span and lower airspeed is that some R/C microplanes such as the UMX Yak 54 or UMX Radian can be securely used in indoor areas such as gyms. In spite of their dramatic small size, these planes are equipped with a variety of characteristics that even compete with those of their bigger mates.

Among the many available engineering characteristics are Automatic Self-Leveling (in SAFE mode), the entry-level AS3X on-board rotor stabilisation, steering front wheel, automatic restoration option, virtually programmed fences to keep the plane from getting too far away, high-performance electrical engines and prop system, and light EPO expanded airfoam for improved endurance.

Whilst all our available styles have vivid and attractive paintwork and detail, it would be a pity to ignore the complicated detail of the historic exact designs we provide. Our highly acclaimed and precision RC micro and mini World War II airplanes are carefully lacquered and decalved to give an exact reproduction of the infamous airplanes of the time.

Hand drawn figurines and detailled markers make for a flying experience that looks great on the screen! No matter what kind of RC micro or mini aircraft you choose, crashes and misfortunes occur even with the most seasoned drivers. The RC micro and mini aircraft range available encompasses best-in-class brand names such as E-Flite, Dynam and Hobbyzone.

Most of them are historical exact depictions of well-known planes like the A-10 Warthog, the F4F Wildcat and the B-25 Mitchell. A few model are also available with AS3X stabilization! Please use the filters panel on the far right to limit your results, or take a look at our Micro and Mini RC gliders below.

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