Air Ticket Reservation

flight ticket reservation

Will I have to purchase my ticket once I have made my reservation? If you choose this method you can reserve and reserve for up to 3 nights * The fare will vary according to your accommodation and your accommodation. It is free for infants under 2 years of age, regardless of flights and cabins. More information about the Times to Think options can be found in the "Book a flight" section.

In order to validate your purchases, just go to the "Your Reservations" section and make your ticket payment before the end of the Times to Think term without modifying your initial reservation. Failure to reconfirm your order will result in your reservation being cancelled at the end of the Timetable to Think term.

The length of the timeto-think periode depends on your travel location and the date of your reservation.

flight ticket reservation

Choose the desired FAQ category: 1. How do I choose a single ticket? You have two possibilities with the air travel finder: either one way or round trips. Is it possible to make ticket bookings for both local and foreign travel? Yes, you can choose to fly from any airports to anywhere in the globe.

Can' Talk Why Can' I Find a Flight for a Certain Carrier That Interests Me? With our searching machine you can make ticket bookings for most air carriers of the earth. However, you cannot buy a ticket for a charters flight, a flight from a low-cost carrier or a ticket from a company that does not have a representative in Greece.

If you choose this particularly useful feature, you will find the best value for money within 3 working days before and 3 working days after your chosen date of arrival and arrival. Once you have chosen the fare you are interested in, all possible combination fares corresponding to this data and this fare will be displayed.

Up to 8 people can be accommodated per reservation. Unattended under 12s cannot be purchased over the web. Please note, however, that some of our services do not provide discounted rates for kids and/or infants. If this is the case, you must create an adults ticket for your baby and/or baby.

If your child (2-11 years) has to go without being accompanied, we suggest that you call us. Accompanied minors cannot buy a ticket via the web. As a rule, infants over 5 years of age can go without being accompanied on a one-way or correspondent trip (but they cannot go on the last correspondent trip of the day).

Please note that the precise ages to which this guideline will apply vary from carrier to carrier, so we strongly advise you to directly consult your carrier for further information. There are many carriers that provide a single traveling minor with accompanying services (usually by a female air hostess). As a rule, carriers need to know who will get the unsupervised baby and a presentation of identification is necessary at the child's desk.

Any inability to present your identity document may lead to delays in the process, which is why we strongly advise you to contact the airlines in advance about their particular needs. It is important that you always interact with the carrier before you book a ticket for an unsupervised infant. Reductions may differ according to your business, your flights and your seating capacity.

With the exception of Business Classic, many airlines provide company seating (Business Class) or passenger seating (First Class). Aircraft cabins are equipped with all seats in Business Classe. Ticket prices, service levels and comfort are lower for business travellers than for other categories.

As a rule, there are many more limitations to the use of tickets in economies of scale with regard to the possibilities of changes and cancellation. As a rule, bus travel, when available on a plane, provides a broader seating area for its occupants and more room between them. Evening meals in Bus City are better than those offered to Economic Line travelers.

Further amenities that can be provided are: seperate check-in queue, option to use the airline's lounges, etc. Business and Economy classes are more costly, but less than the First series. Passenger First Division seating is located in the front part of the airplane.

Passenger first class seating is the most convenient on the aircraft while at the same offering the best meal service. Class travellers also benefit from comfort such as separated waits, check-in and en-route facilities to the airline's lounges. Class tickets are not available on all routes and are always the most pricey.

Are there any ticket reservation requirements for a certain period before the departure date? Yes, we cannot provide ticketing for travel that starts in less than 4 hrs from the date of reservation. In addition, bookings after 5 p.m. are only permitted for departing after 1 p.m. of the following workday.

Saturday and especially after 12.00 p.m. you cannot make reservations for flights departing before 1 p.m. on Monday via our website. You can however call us at +44-844-7747881 to make your reservation by telephone and immediately make out your ticket. Can I be sure that my reservation has been successfully made?

Immediately upon completing the reservation process on our website, a hit page will be shown on your computer and an email with your e-ticket and related information will be sent to you within 24 ours of payment of your reservation (usually several minutes).

If I don't get an email after completing the reservation procedure, what should I do? If you do not get any post within one hours of completing the reservation procedure, please call +44-844-7747881. In case you find an inaccuracy in the email you got, please call us as soon as possible.

You are responsible for the correctness of your own data and any changes may not be possible after the reservation has been made. If I don't recall my reservation number, what can I do? Don't be afraid, we can find your reservation with your last name, your e-mail address or any other information you gave us during your reservation.

Will I have to reconfirm the depart date of my trip? In order to verify the exact date of your flights we recommend that you check with the carrier or destination of your flights. It will be our best to let you know if anything changes on your trip.

However, in the event of adverse meteorological circumstances, strikes at the airports or airlines, etc., we strongly advise you to directly approach the airlines or airports. It is also possible to check your air travel progress using the "View your reservation online" feature in the reservation email. My chosen flights were not available for final reservation.

However, this may be the case if another client has reserved the last available place on the respective ticket or for the respective category or costs before completing the reservation transaction. In some cases, communications with the carrier may be disrupted during the reservation period, resulting in the reservation not being completed.

You can still display this route in the results of your query because the carrier does not refresh it. Can I make a reservation with my own plastic in the name of someone else who wants to go? Once I have paid, will I be asked to give you further information such as my ID number or a copy of my bank account?

Sometimes we can get in touch with you and ask for a copy of the front of your plastic and a copy of your ID. This is usually the case if the traveller is different from the cardholder or our scam protection indicates a high level of exposure to a particular type of transactions. Is it possible to make a reservation for naval or army ticket?

This is not possible at the moment. What can I do to change or change my ticket? If you wish to unsubscribe or change your ticket, you should let us know by filling out the appropriate box on our website. Any changes or cancellation of ticket bookings are subject to the regulations of the carrier.

In addition to the costs borne by the carrier, our organization will charge an extra charge based on the nature of the support packages associated with your reservation. Will there be a full or full reimbursement for a ticket that I will not use for good? Tickets can have different limitations according to carrier and ticket category (class).

In order to verify the amount that will be reimbursed in the event of cancellations or changes, we must refer to the carrier. To view the airline's conditions regarding cancelation or change charges and limitations, use the appropriate links on the page where you enter your debit information or in the ticket validation email.

Where can I update my data? If you wish to make changes to your details, please fill in the appropriate information below and respond to any e-mail we have already sent you, or even email us a modified one. Who should I turn to if I need to make changes to my ticket abroad?

You must contact your airline's offices if the ticket allows for changes to the departure date and you are abroad. But what happens if the carrier changes its schedule? Air carriers are sometimes obliged to change their routes, timetables and number of departures.

In the event of substantial changes in connection with your journey (e.g. changes in the timetable for more than 2 flights or in the terminal ) and you do not have an appropriate option, you may claim damages from the carrier in accordance with the passengers' right laid down by the European Union, unless the carrier has notified you in good time. 1.

Is it possible to modify the name of the ticket holder? There is no transferability of ticket names and therefore no possibility to name them. Your name should be entered on the reservation sheet exactly as it appears on your travel document or ID document. Once the reservation has been completed, no changes or corrections to the passenger's name can be made.

Where can I get my ticket? The ticket is electronically (e-ticket) and will be sent to you by e-mail. All you need to do at the airports is go directly to the check-in desk of the airlines that have your ID cards or passports. How soon will I get my ticket? If you do not get your ticket, please call us at +44-844-7747881.

If I have a ticket issue, what should I do? So what do I do if I loose my ticket? All your ticket is electronically (e-ticket), so there is no trouble even if you loose the e-mail we sent you. May I get my ticket at the international airports?

You will be debited with the full amount of the ticket you see on our website. What is the best way to get an eTicket? Digital tickets are particularly comfortable because they confirm the sale of a ticket without a print receipt. Your traveling carrier will store all ticket detail in its reservation system.

That means you don't have to show a hard -copy ticket to get on the aircraft, and you don't have to be worried about forgetting or loosing your ticket (since it's not the conventional hard -copy ticket). If you have an eTicket, you can go directly to the check-in desk with your ID and a copy of the email confirming your reservation (the copy of the email will make the carrier's agents find your place faster).

Once your reservation has been completed, you can either send the e-ticket e-mail containing the number of your ticket or click on the button in the e-mail, either by printing it or by downloading and saving the PDF with your ticket and printing it later. What time will my payment be made?

You will be debited from your bank account at the time of booking. You may have 2 different debits on your debit cards, one from the carrier that represents the fare of the ticket and another from our firm (E-Travel Athens) that represents the service fee.

These two fees add up to the total cost of the ticket shown on our website. Weighing limits and size limits can differ according to the type of ticket and your flights. Should you have any questions, we suggest that you get in touch with the relevant carrier directly.

Can I choose certain places? What should I be at the international airports before my take-off? When travelling abroad, it is better to arrive at the international airports 2 hrs before your scheduled departures, while 1 hrs is sufficient for international departures. Note that at times of maximum demand you will need sufficient elapsed waiting before passing the safety checks.

When you are a Schengen national travelling within the Schengen area, all you need is your ID document (your name should be spelled in Latin). When travelling outside the Schengen area, you will need your valid ID, while your ticket and your visas may also be required.

When travelling alone, the carrier must be notified accordingly. Note that not all carriers allow accompanied child passengers on their flight. Kids travelling within Greece who do not have a valid ID or valid ID should carry a birthday deed. Is there a special requirement when I book a ticket for a US city?

This requirement is due to the Secure Facility Management programme and is pertinent to the input of passengers' information for bookings. The Secure Transportation Safety Administration's Secure Facility is a new programme to improve aviation safety. This programme is already being extended to US internal services and to internal services from 1 November 2010.

The program requires travelers travelling to the U.S. to include the following secure passenger information when making a reservation: the " redrress number " if appropriate ("redress number" is a passenger referral number for travelers who have had requests for prior experiences with traffic hubs). If the necessary information is not provided during ticket reservation, the ticket will not be made out.

Click here for more information about the Secure Flight Programme. If you wish to sign up for a FFP, you must call or visit the airline's website. This information can only be obtained from the relevant carrier.

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