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The Mondo Taxi is the easiest way to order a taxi from your smartphone. Headquartered in Nairobi, [Kenya], Mondo Ride is a multinational online transportation network company founded in the UAE by Troels Andersen. The Mondo Ride offers you the easiest, safest and fastest way to call a taxi in your city.

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The Mondo Ride

The Mondo Ride offers you the simplest, most secure and quickest way to call a taxi in your town. With our application you can call a taxi in the twinkling of an eyes, in a secure, dependable and simple way. And we pride ourselves on having a 24/7 client service team locally to ensure that every client is served.

  • A suitable choice for every event, whether you need a regular, large or budgetary trip. - Lokally tailored offers; Whether you want to go on safari or welcome a motorcycle (Boda Boda Boda) in Nairobi or a Tuk Tuk (tricycle) in Mombasa, Mondo riding is the apple for you.
  • Dial our support team inside the application to get help with the application, make a reservation or get help with any other problem at any moment. - By long-distance transport; call a taxi to another town at a previously fixed rate. - Our enterprise solutions enable you to call taxis simply for both your staff and customers and keep a record of your expenses at both departmental and employee levels.
  • You can easily interact with your drivers via our built-in call and instant messaging features. - Personalized payments, paying in real time, with M-PESA or switching to your company bank accounts during a trip. In order to welcome a trip, just obey these easy steps: Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email us or call your nearest service centre.

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