Comfortdelgro Taxi Booking number

Booking number Comfortdelgro Taxi

The ComfortDelGro swan taxis app ComfortDelGro SWAN TAXIS App is the perfect taxi booking solution for mobile people. The easy-to-use tool has advanced functions that make it easy to book a taxi. It offers a new level of convenience with better functions and advantages that allow operators to explore their own personal greetings and specify their preferred location and travel.

You can even reserve a taxi at your present position, measured by the phone's own satellite navigation system. It provides security and monitoring for the user - enabled with the ability to know their taxi number, taxi track and estimate tariff. And for added security, travelers can now easily exchange their travel information with relatives and acquaintances.

Operators will be able to evaluate the drivers and give immediate SWAN TAXIS input on their journey or experiences. Start and savour the comfort of taxi booking at the touch of a button. - Pay your taxi now with the application, even if you have called a taxi on the road.

  • Recognize your actual position using your local GPS device as pick-up adress. - Resets and recalls the preferred places for booking. - Predetermine and recall your favorite trips with travel information (pick-up and drop-off addresses) for booking. - Notification of in-appush push for all taxi reservations. - Tracking for verified taxi reservations. - It' got an estimate on the taxi rate.
  • Sharing travel information. - This is a complete 10 booking of the last 30 workdays. - Post your drivers after every complete journey. - Sharing your taxi driving experiences with us through the poll and feed-back function. The ComfortDelGro SWAN TAXIS Booking app can be run on Android v2.3 and higher and runs on Windows 7 and later. The functionality of this app may differ depending on the version of the OS and telephone model.

The SWAN MAXIS was founded in 1928. The SWAN Taxi is the biggest taxi company in Perth with the biggest taxi and driver population. Companys SWAN Takis is 100% owned by ComfortDelGro, one of the world's leading overland transportation operators.

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