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View reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best taxis in Anchorage, AK. Taxis from the Anchorage Forum International Airports Our plan is to take a taxi from the airports to a nearby hotels in the center of the town, and the next day to take a taxi from the center of the town. Anybody know how much a cab from the airports to town costs? Pretty little guesthouse near the Avis downtown rural offices?

Is there a large number of cabs or should we reserve one in advance? Yes. Hello, we took a taxi from the airfield to this inner city adress. It was $27 without a tip. Taxi services await clients directly in front of the terminal. They have several hotel near the Avis site in the city center.

Hilton, Historic Anchorage etc. Maybe Google "Anchorage Hotels" and see what appears near your site. Approximately $25 in taxi fees can be saved if you find a hostel with shuttles from the airports. Lots of cabs on the curbside at the airports.

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May not be solid, this US town in the north is Alaska's biggest, and more than 40% of the state's populace call it home. Leaving your card behind, book your trip on-line or through our ANCHORAGE Executive limo rental application and then unwind as our locals drive through the city's highways.

Payment can be made by your own bank account at the moment of reservation or by means of a month' bill. If you are in the city for either commerce or leisure, no journey would be complete without our driver in Anchorage to fully enjoy the local wildlife - with a bit of luck you can even see the northern lights.

Alternatively to a taxi in Anchorage, take our one-hour taxi rental and be dropped off by expert guides at a seaside lookout, followed by a historical local history centre or local restaurants for a taste of the freshest chinook from Alaska. Alaska' s major intercontinental airfield is the third biggest freight terminal in the country and the major gate for air travel to and from Alaska.

Schedule a one-way bus and/or air port-transfer involving tracing to enable our drivers to see if your flights are early or late and a one-hour wait so you don't get panicked if there's a hold-up delays in your luggage or duty.

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