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The pre-booking of seats on SriLankan Airlines is FREE. Disadvantages: Seat was crazy small! Sri Lankan Airlines - Seating for additional legroom - Vadduwa Message Board

Anyone know if it is possible to buy and reserve places with additional legroom? Have you called SriLankan Airlines in London? Usually the places in the starting line are only allocated at check-in, as the personnel must ensure that the people seated in these places can help in an emergeny.

You know how much legwork you got behind those buisness seatings? Agreeing to pay a little more for a little more legroom is really a successful way forward. It'?s just a smaller and quieter stateroom. Also, some folks have been writing about TA to tell me that these chairs have better legroom.

Sincerely, no, but I asked what I would get for the 5,000 LKR that SriLankan Airlines wanted to bill me for booking these places. "Smaller and quieter cabin," but who knows. I' m going to make one more slash before I make a booking.

Checking the flight of SriLankan Airlines from Colombo to Jakarta in Economy

Sri Lankan Airlines on this early-dawn flight to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK/WIII), with a flight duration of approx. 4.5 hrs on 4R-ALH, fortunately an Airbus A330-200 (in OneWorld paintwork), ending 10 consecutive small jet sector flights. Mihin Lanka, a Sri Lankan Airlines LCC subsidiary (now no longer in service), is using both its Airbus A321 and A320-200 on this line, generating enormous traffic demands.

First of all, UL364 was not really on the table as a fixed choice due to the price factors, with Singapore Airlines (CMB-SIN-CGK-SIN-CMB) or Emirates (CMB-SIN-CMB) and Jetstar Aisa (SIN-CGK-SIN) (which would give us a full Singapore day), which was not the case. So August 11th began very early as scheduled with the arrival at CMB around 5:30 a.m., which means that we had a little less than 2 hour's time to handle immigration and other clearance work.

As always checking in on-line and it was finally timeto verify the CMB Departures terminals. Afterwards, during a short trip to the Smoking Lounge, the clock passed when we had to hurry to Gate 8, where we were the last to go on bord! Lankan Cargo Boeing 727-200F a very trusted view on the CMB!

Today was a complete flight with mainly Indonesians on the way home and a few Lankans and Europeans, most of them in Jakarta connected to their ultimate goal Bali. However, the IFE available was quite good for a medium range flight with a good choice of movies and other contents available.

Also, readings were available with the Serendib Treasures Magazine, a standard in-flight duty free magazine, and the Serendib Magazine, which housed the seat bag inventory. The 30K seat is not necessarily advisable for TR's, as the whole leaf covers most of the visibility. As a full-range airline, the Meal services on Sri Lankan Airlines are something I never look forward to, as they end up being either distasteful and far below expectations.

But the crew just hurried through the menu and that was all, the overall standard of services was far below average, as many people had to go into the galley for "self-service", a second pass of beverages wasn't done much to my astonishment. This latter was eventless and a little tedious to be frank without doing much on the boat, in periods like these I really miss the IFE, the convenience and the food of the better full servicing carrier with whom I flew.

See you next time. UL is currently the only airline that flies directly between CMB and CGK, a booking at least 2 week in advanced would definitely provide a much lower fare for probably about LKR 35.000/- (R/T). Please also keep in mind that Indonesia is a visa-free country for Sri Lanka passport holder (30 days), so take a copy of your accommodation booking and a flight back to and from Indonesia to overcome the problem of travel.

It'?s a great place to go!

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